The Monsters are Here

“You are what you eat”, so the saying goes.

97% of Tested Mac and Cheese Products Found to Contain Chemicals Used in Plastics, Adhesives, Sealants and Printing Inks – via


But really…do most insouciant Americans give a shyte about what they throw down their pie hole?  No.

Plastics consumed, plastics in the form of hand-held radiation devices, plastic jobs, plastic pharmaceuticals, plastics relationships – is anything genuine anymore? Not much.

Court Ruling Confirms Merk’s Gardasil HPV Vaccine Kills People – Did Anyone Even Notice? – No!

No matter that we were born into this era, with all its escalating f**kery – with all its technological wonders provided to allow us to be in constant contact with all our BFF’s and the minute by minute texting of their inane thoughts  – in the end, we really don’t want to know that which might kill us prematurely, opting out to ignore the shittery, thereby embracing the shittery.

Axon Partners With A Public Hospital to Re-brand Stun Guns as Lifesaving Devices – via

Of course – almost everything from plastics in food to plastic Stun Guns being rebranded into lifesaving devices is good for us, right?  If you don’t believe the pyschopath’s who come up with this shyte, then simply consider that after 17 years of bombing sovereign nations into rubble, Washington shysters will still insist that the killing of millions of innocents in nations far away from our shores, who pose no threat to us here in the richest country in the world – must be continued to keep our nation safe.  Such utter f**kery.




But not to worry…the mainstream monsters, always have our lazy asses covered, right?

Exposed: “NewsGuard” Organization Founded by Globalists to Censor Independent Media Has Ties to Pro-Monsanto American Enterprise Institute Propagandists – via

On a cold Winter night, as one has the blessings of roof over head and heat inside the homestead – the monsters seem at bay.

Hardly – these shysters do not rest, they do not stop. They are relentless in efforts to cram their BS down our throats:

‘Impossible Foods’ Bleeding Burgers to make Grocery Store Debut in 2019: – via

Isn’t it cool to realize that you might take your last bite of sustenance from a ‘bleeding burger’ designed and birthed by psychopath’s to make a few billion off our ignorance?

Life among the lizards of the day, is such a bummer.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mendelssohn: “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream” – Seiji Ozawa

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