What’s a Few More Bombs on New Year’s Eve?

Ah, those pranksters in the United States Strategic Command (Stratcom) ‒ a nuclear-capable branch of the US military – thinking it would be clever and cute to tweet a little end of the world scenario – or at least the end of the world for those gathering at Times Square for the traditional New Year’s Eve celebration:

The tweet was deleted hours later but can still be viewed here. Stratcom offered an apology after taking it down, tweeting “Our previous NYE tweet was in poor taste & does not reflect our values. We apologize. We are dedicated to the security of America & allies.”

In the tweet, Stratcom noted the traditional way of seeing out the year with the dropping of a massive ball in Times Square, New York. The “tradition rings in the #NewYear by dropping the big ball…if ever needed, we are #ready to drop something much, much bigger,” Stratcom said, encouraging Twitter users to watch the video attached to the tweet “to the end!” – via sputniknews.com

Can these guys think of nothing beyond dropping bombs on innocents?  Evidently not.

If President Donald Trump’s first year in office is any indication, 2018 will have been a wild ride for recipients of US bombs. Sputnik previously reported that during Trump’s first year in office, the US averaged 121 bombs dropped per day, compared to 345 per day under President Barack Obama and 24 each day under George W. Bush. Meanwhile, the US military dropped more bombs on Afghanistan in 2018 than any every other year on record.

Evidently, the psychopath’s in Washington must have endless wars in order to get juiced enough to get up out of their cozy, well-secured beds each morning, waking from dreaming of how many more innocent lives their shittery can end.

US military general in Afghanistan admits there will be no “military victory” in Afghanistan – via nationalinterest.org

And if there’s even a sniff of possible peace or sanity presented – never fear, we have the likes of the deplorable, pearl-clutching senator from South Carolina, Lindsey Graham, shedding light on Trump’s recent decision to bring home the troops in Syria:

Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, a vocal Republican critic of President Trump’s plan for a 30-day troop withdrawal of American troops from Syria, suggested on Sunday that the pullout had been slowed and that he felt “a lot better” about it after a lunch with the president.

“I think we’re in a pause situation where we are re-evaluating what’s the best way to achieve the president’s objective of having people pay more and do more,” Mr. Graham said. – via nytimes.com

Thank God! After all, Senator Graham could have barfed up his lunch if he didn’t get this president to reconsider, yet again, that peace just hasn’t any place among the psychotic’s in Washington and the corporate media.

2018 is minutes away from ending, and insouciant Americans could give a shyte that 2018 was such a successful year of Washington’s life-ending excursions from American exceptionalism dumped on innocents in sovereign nations. God help us!

The thinking, caring, awakening and empathic souls among us might just have another idea of what 2019 is all about.

Let’s hope so…for life among the lizards, the psychopath’s and deranged is about to extinguish the lives of our brethren in far-away lands, of our loved ones here…and eventually, of our own lives if we don’t stand up and tell these shyters, politely (and not so politely) to get out and rot in hell.


Tonight’s musical offering: (we’ve included this outstanding performance in more than a few of our recent musical offerings – only because it “kicks ass”, in the heavenly sense we each know of in our hearts)

Bach: Concerto for 4 Pianos, BWV 1065 III, Allegro – David Fray, Jacques Rouvier, Emmanuel Christien & Audrey Vigoureux, pianos –  String ensemble of the Orchestre National du Capitole de Toulouse

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@rayhennessy

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