Sub-Mediocrities of the World…

Idiots in nicely tailored suits who can either read from a teleprompter or speak complete sentences when speaking in public are given plum jobs and outstanding salaries to utter absolute guano, and rarely a single soul stands up and says…you know, that’s out and out bullshit.

But this is the era of living among freaks in control that we find ourselves stuck in…listening to their BS, knowing in our hearts these miscreants are nothing more than snake-oil salesmen. Yet we shake our heads and walk away – allowing the shysters to continue on their merry way of making life uglier for everyone but themselves.

We have the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman telling us that after 17 years of war in Afghanistan, that we must stay in order to avoid another 9/11.  Nothing to back up his statements – only that this is simply what must be done, saying “the presence that we have in Afghanistan has, in fact, disrupted the enemy’s ability to reconstitute and pose a threat to us,”  with no “facts” to back that up. 17 bloody years in Afghanistan, sending our sons and daughters to kill other other innocents in sovereign nations isn’t enough – we need to continue the carnage according to this demon.

And believing in the “official” fairy tale of 9/11 is akin to dreaming of some fat, bearded white guy delivering treasures through chimney’s throughout the world.

And Washington’s holiday season keeps providing gifts with another nutjob (Heather Nauret) nominated to replace the current nutjob, Nikki Haley, as US Ambassador to the United Nations, because, as Caitlin Johnstone writes:

Ever since rumors emerged of Nauert’s selection for the job last month, the dominant criticisms have been that she lacks “experience” and “qualifications” for the job of US Ambassador to the United Nations. These criticisms have picked up ever since these early rumors were confirmed, and they are illegitimate for two reasons. The first is that a position as Fox News propagandist is very much the sort of experience an American needs to be a UN Ambassador, especially for this administration. The second is that all the job requires is a willingness to sell one’s soul for the promotion of US war agendas, and to occasionally help kick Palestinian human rights further into the gutter than they already are. No experience is required for this, and these are things we already know Nauert could do in her sleep – via

But all this isn’t enough. The freaks have a grab bag of shyte they continue to throw at us.

NASA’s landing of “Insight”, where we’re expected to believe that some “ship” landed on a “planet” some billions of miles away, transmitting bullshit to us when NASA’s own can’t explain why we can’t get back to the moon, if we we’re ever there in the first place.

The finest of their shittery is what these charlatans continue to feed us, and expect that we will continue to believe in; to be pre-occupied with; to be enamored with their f**kery – while their other hand is deep in our pockets, extracting every last drop of our blood, sweat and tears that enables them to continue to deceive.

Billions advanced to the military industrial complex, to NASA, to the FDA, the CDC and so many more BS alphabet soup of government agencies that could give a flying f**k about any of an ordinary citizen is the modern era.

This is the American way. Lie to, propagandize, spin the truth, utter absolute fabrications out of thin air for the insouciant public to swallow in order to continue on fleecing every citizen they can – this is what these shysters do best.  And we continue to listen to them, elect them and never call them out or hold them accountable for the insanity they administer to all of us – day in and day out.

Environmental Attorney, Author, Activist – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Wants Federal warnings about WiFi radiation exposure – do you hear a sliver of this from the mainstream media?  Of course not.

Our health, the bedrock of our lives is all that we have left to us in this battle of demons vs. corporate shysters of health. Yet when presented with an alternative way – a way far from the jab of toxins and chemicals that these shysters tell us are for our own good – we take to the back seat of stupidity – where we continue to allow earth’s pond scum to speak for us all, giving the great American yawn of indifference.

The journalists in America are no longer covering critical stories. Investigative journalism is gone. Foreign-news coverage is gone. The press is owned by five giant corporations. – Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

We absolve ourselves from our own ignorance, conveniently forgetting the sub-mediocrities of the modern era we continually allow into our lives, casting each of us and our own into a pit of eternal stench that we will never arise from.

And then on quiet nights when we are left with only ourselves, we wonder – how did things get to where they are.  It is no wonder, for we’ve allowed the mediocrities and sub-mediocrities to rule the day.


Tonight’s musical / cinematic offering:

“Amadeus”: “Mediocrities everywhere…I absolve you…I absolve you all”

And for those wishing to listen to the entire 2nd movement of Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20

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