Let’s Pretend

If you’re old enough, you might remember a time here in the richest country in the world where no matter another’s views, opinions, beliefs or even odd sneezing habits – one was still open and actually interested in hearing the pinging of another mind.

It wasn’t so strange to see two or three individuals, and sometimes more, sitting in a restaurant, coffee shop, bar or even at the dinner table doing the unthinkable of today – discussing religion, politics, books, newspaper editorials and bantering ideas about, and never was a pancake, gravy boat or glass of Merlot tossed about because one didn’t like, agree or get bent because another’s thoughts didn’t provide them the warmth and comfort of their stinky winter blanket at home. Such barbaric times.

As we all know, that was then and now our hip and modern way of thinking (the little that’s still done) has progressed to shouting, to shaming – to one Twitter dump after another and even to mobs showing up at someone’s home because they don’t like that person’s views and opinions, or shouting at someone to f-off while they’re attempting to eat a meal at a restaurant for, once again having an opinion contrary to their own pristine opinions; and then the vapidness on display by media nutjobs organizing protest marches over the firing of an attorney general, the same one they dumped a bucket of hate on when he was first nominated. Such enlightened times!

Protesting is all well and good, but how refreshing would it be to see the intense interest given to the resignation of an attorney general, instead directed to the more hideous undertakings of Washington and their corporate and media henchmen – like the continuing wars, the absolute hell innocents are suffering in Yemen, the stench of censorship that presses on by corporate fascists, the continued geo-engineering of the weather, the poisoning of the food we eat or maybe an intense interest for our poor, our uninsured, our homeless and all the essentials of life that our government could assist a great deal more towards, rather than sending $700+ Billion to the military industrial complex to make more war and end more innocents lives. Ah, but that isn’t what they want us to be concerned or preferably, even know about.

They prefer we’re at each other’s throats because of those dastardly opinions expressed that are outside the mainstream narrative so that you don’t know what’s really going, aren’t aware of the absolute insane activities of government and corporate shysters and will expend your energies, your thoughts, your emotions toward the ugliness we all are capable of, rather than toward respect, kindness, empathy, trust, honesty, acceptance and, in the end, love.

“Our society is run by insane people for insane objectives. If anyone can put on paper what (governments) are actually trying to do and what they think they’re doing, I’d be very pleased to know. I think they’re all insane.” John Lennon  via trueactivist.com

It all isn’t that hard to understand what’s going on, but so many are caught up in the cycle of discord and hate spun about by the insane that their minds haven’t a second to spare to consider the hatred they’ve succumbed to.

Maybe if we pretended, just for a time, that we really did love each other, really did care for another, really did believe in truth, peace, respect, acceptance and love…and without fear would stand to insist nothing else is acceptable…maybe it would catch on.

Their is an alternative to the hatred of these times…it’s right in front of us, as it always has been…

We’ll let Mr. Nat King Cole take it from here…


Tonight’s musical offering:

“L.O.V.E.” ~ Nat King Cole

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@brandialxndra

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