If Elected…I promise to…

You know how it is…you have some casual acquaintance from work text you not to forget the “big meeting” tomorrow. Of course, it’s a meeting you’re running – so, you roll your eyes and go back to the things that matter – like reading other texts.

But it’s an entirely different matter of telling another what to expect when you’re deeply involved in psychotic episodes throughout the day and you happen to be the leader of the unfree world:

‘Sanctions are coming’: Trump borrows from ‘Game of Thrones’ to Warn Iran – via wrgz.com

Sanctions on another nation are nothing more than ‘war light’ -without Washington’s bombs. They punish the innocents living in the sanctioned nation. (and here)

But such cartoonish stupidity is the guano of the day from our ‘selected’ leaders – you know the ones – the shysters each party offers up each election season who tell us the lie of…’if elected, I promise to’. And no matter that they never deliver on their promises, insouciant Americans continue to elect the same stench from the sewer in hopes of something different.

How much longer humanity has before the psychotic’s blow up the world, who knows for sure. But Washington is doing it’s best to lay the groundwork for world war – with Russia, China, Iran – it’s simply the most wonderful time of the year for a-holes to be a-holes.

Home is where we all want to be. And sadly, those without a home in the richest country in the world can only hope that God’s love and miracles given to each of us through other humans, won’t be circumvented by a-holes promising to take care of the sick, elderly and forgotten – only to forget, accidentally on purpose, of their promises.

Washington is hell-bent on ruining the homes of innocents, as is their track record for the past 20, 30, 40 years and more.

Whether in the richest country in the world, or in sovereign nations far from our shores – we all want to be left in peace.  Peace to follow life as we see fit for ourselves and loved one – not encumbered by psychopath’s dreams of power and control.

And our home, no matter where it might be, is our fortress against the nutjobs, the officials, the media demons who advance their message that we all must be afraid, very afraid, of those who, like us, only want to be left alone – free to live in peace, free to help each other, and free to love – no matter what part of God’s world we live in.

Their messages of fear are utter BS, as they have been throughout history.

Humanity, deep in its bones, knows the way…if it would but follow its heart.


Tonight’s musical offering: (Yes, is schmaltzy – but if you listen to the following offering, with headphones or pods in your ears, and listen attentively – the elegant and oh-so-beautiful voice of Karen Carpenter just might soothe your soul, if only for a few moments.)

The Carpenters – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@gubarieva_a




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