The Grinches are Upon Us

You know how it goes…nearly everyday, the ghosts and goblins ooze out from their inner-world portals, completely unhinged and ready to haunt the ordinary citizen with their shyte-filled offerings of things to be afraid of…to be wary of…to avoid at all costs, because…well, because they say so.

About anything good or decent or natural or a tad “schmaltzy” is to be considered either outdated, stupid, dumb, dangerous or even just bad for your health.

Consider the latest guano from the media, chiding us that listening to too much Christmas music is bad for your health:

It’s the news that Grinches everywhere have been waiting for: overdosing on festive music is officially bad for your mental health.

Not least because of the clangy harmonies and insipid lyrics that make Christmas haters want to say “bah humbug” at every smiling passer-by in a bobble hat.

It turns out that Christmas songs actually stop us from being able to focus on anything other than mince pies and mistletoe.

According to psychologist Linda Blair, listening to “Santa Claus is coming to town” on repeat could actually have a negative effect on your brain.

“People working in the shops at Christmas have to tune out Christmas music because if they don’t, it really does stop you from being able to focus on anything else,” she told Sky News.

“You’re simply spending all of your energy trying not to hear what you’re hearing.” via

Indeed…anytime I hear “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”, I have to watch myself so that I don’t dive into and devour any mince pies scattered about at every shop or street corner I happen upon. And with the non-existent mistletoe all about – I’ll have to concentrate on mince pies. What a dreadful time of year for the grinches.

Just a bit of a lighter step, maybe even the hint of a smile from hearing a simple tune that is a bit cheery, could possibly have a negative effect on your brain. Sure…why not!

We’ll swallow about any insipidness the mainstream media concocts each day, yet we’ll ignore their cheerleading of Washington’s wars, their non-reporting of the atrocities going on in Yemen, and their non-reporting of what everyday Americans are suffering from each day – real things like extreme poverty, homelessness and deplorable health care. The monsters in control don’t give a flying shyte about you or the real problems you face – they only want you to follow whatever BS they offer each day. And it all starts with the phrase – “if elected, I promise to…”.

As the shysters of the mainstream media continue to bake what minds are left of the ordinary citizen – with their fear, hysteria, nonsense, propaganda and lies – where even the simplest of joys for many are either deemed too offensive, too controversial, too much free speech or that there just isn’t enough divisiveness included in the innocent pleasures one might derive from a simple tune – utter and complete depravity is what awaits each of us.

Free speech isn’t sustainable under the gestapo against free thought. One must support the horseshit of the shysters, must support the endless wars propagated by the misfits in charge and must buy the shyte they manufacture that is poisonous to one’s health – that is, unless you happen to be a Silicon Valley parent – the very ones who manufacture the cell phones, the “screens”, the technological whizz – then the Silicon Valley parents spy on nannies to make sure they aren’t using the “screens”  in the presence of their children – the “screens” these shysters concoct.

And we continue to buy into their horseshit.

But as of today, there are still media alternatives dedicated to the truth.

Please consider supporting alternative media – such as 21st – where one won’t be bedeviled with the insanity of the absolute f**kery of the mainstream media.

The grinches, of not just Christmas, but the grinches against truth and honesty, continue their onslaught against anything decent, anything good, anything heart-warming – as they stomp upon truth  – leaving the few existing of those who dare to speak the truth as an outcast – while their wealth enjoyed from our labors allows them to avoid the poisons they create.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gluck – “Dance of the Blessed Spirits”

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