Swing, Baby…Before It’s Too Late

As the insufferable charlatans of the present day sit in their corporate bathtubs, bathing in their own arrogance, and the f**kery they heap upon the world, knowing that almost any insane notion, idea or product they throw out will be cobbled up by an insouciant public – the thinking human might be tempted to board the train…any train, leading to nowhere, to escape the nightmares from these bastards, stylized as hip, cool, trending, progressive, inclusive and other modern jive monikers the same corporate monsters spend millions creating.

But their smelly output always escapes from their corridors of nonsense, its scent undetected, when it’s of the choicest of guano:

Apple Begins Tracking Your Calls and Emails to Assign You a ‘Trust Score’ – via theantimedia.com

Doubtful you’ll see Apple commercials with young studs and studesses, gyrating to a migraine-inducing beat, touting Apple’s latest shenanigan’s. “Sotto voce” is always used by these clowns when the “fine print” of whatever nefarious BS they’ve concocted is presented to their customers.

And it’s not just Apple up to their usual horseshit – China is perfecting their social credit rating system, restricting millions of Chinese citizens with low social credit scores from purchasing plane and train tickets. Hard-core turds are, in the end, still turds no matter what country they reside in.

In May, enforcement of China’s social credit system spread to the travel industry, restricting millions of Chinese citizens with low social credit scores from purchasing plane and train tickets. China has stated that all 1.35 billion of its citizens will be subject to its social credit system by 2020, and travel restrictions for low-scoring citizens is only one of many to come. The system resembles an American credit score, but more than just low credit limits and high interest rates, a poor Chinese social credit score can lead to bans from travel, certain schoolsluxury hotelsgovernment positions, and even dating apps. – via brookings.edu

Not to worry…it’ll be making it’s way here in the richest country in the world soon enough.

Behavior modification, self-censorship, always looking over your shoulder for the bastard bureaucrat of the day sticking their nose into the business of everyone – the business of keeping the average citizens eye on what they say, what they do and inevitably what they think, has been the continued addiction of the criminally insane psychopath’s who rule over generation after generation.

There may have been pockets in time when the average joe could go about his or her business without the overlord’s eye watching their every move. Those are times long since gone. The jackal’s in charge are losing a bit of ground…more people are waking up to their oppression of anything good and promotion of all that is ugly – to their wars, to the division they promote, their identity politics, their political correctness – in short, to their absolute insanity.  Of course, it isn’t being taken lightly.  The boot over the everyday citizen’s mind and throat must be more firmly planted…and so, they come up with every concoction of stupidity, moronic thought, and mental illness platitudes they can to keep you obeying.  Stop obeying!

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts concludes in a recent piece:

The digital world makes Big Brother’s Memory Hole possible. No need to burn books. Just push a button and information disappears.

As I write Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, and so forth are all making non-approved information disappear.

In a digital world, not only can our identities be stolen—indeed, it can be stolen multiple times so that there are many of you at the same time—but we can also be erased. Poof—push a button and there you go. This makes murder easy. You never existed.

As I said before and will say again, the digital world and artificial intelligence are a far worse disaster for mankind than ever was the Black Plague. All the smart people busy at work creating the new world are destroying the human race. – via paulcraigroberts.org

Before it’s too late…swing, baby – as Sinatra and crew did years ago, when possibly there was a brief moment in time when one could get away with living one’s life as they saw fit.

Or, if Sinatra isn’t your thing….at least stop! Stop buying into the corporate psychopath’s horseshit!


Tonight’s musical offering: (what else?)

“I’ve Got You Under My Skin” ~ Sinatra ~ Live At The Sands

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