Where Is The Grand Intervention?

As hell seems to have located all earthly portals to unleash its demons and psychopath’s to lay ruin innocent souls attempting to etch out an existence on this planet that seems to have been forgotten by its creator – most thinking humanoids are beginning to drink bleach rather than continue to pay attention to even the daily highlights of what life in this country has become.

It’s becoming nearly impossible for this writer to write about it all the current insanity, for it is beyond bizarre, beyond evil, beyond incomprehensible, if any of those “beyonds” still exist. Continuing to attempt to write about it all leaves me with the feeling that I’ve wallowed in absolute filth from spending whatever small amount of time it takes to read of the shit that America and much of the world lathers up with each day.

Nestle Says Requirement to Report Use of Slave Labor Would Cost Consumers More Money – via thefreethoughtproject.com

Woman Dies in Jail Over Unpaid Traffic Tickets, Begging for Help as Officers Ignored Her – via thefreethoughtproject.com

Judge Humiliates Man During Sentencing By Ordering His Mouth be Taped Shut – via the freethoughtproject.com

Yes, humanity has sunk this low.  But how many will hear of this, and if they do hear of it, most will choose to ignore the stink of all that we’ve allowed our world to become and quickly move on to a really important text they just received from someone, anyone…with a photo of the meal they’re about to consume.

Being raised Catholic and still recovering, I’ve been led to believe that all the absolute horseshit we’ve allowed the psychopath’s to dump on us all is part of God’s grand plan to rid the world of the vermin of earth and hell once and for all. One must wonder, how much more evidence is needed of the insanity on this planet that might bring about some type of grand intervention from Him/Her/It?

When I was a teenager, too many years ago than I want to remember right now, I had a very old and wise man tell me that throughout my life, I’d be able to count my friends on my thumbs.

His words have proven to be prophetic. Not many can really hang with us (and we with them) throughout a lifetime. Still, we hope for one or two stragglers who see us through the circus.

Any maybe more to the point, we wonder where God, the Creator, or whatever consortium of wizards who started all this – what in the world are they doing? We may groove with having a couple of friends hanging with us through this nuttiness, but hanging with a few of the celestial bodies outside this human trap we all find ourselves in, righting the wrongs down here, would be kind of groovy.

Are the gods deaf, dumb and blind to what is, and has been going on here? Do they not see the suffering, the depravity…the wars, the unjustified violence innocents continue to endure from depraved psychopath’s day in and day out?

I have no answers. I’m just a jag-off writer who is trying to find the truth…and it’s difficult to come by, as it’s intended to be.

The gods, obviously, have their mysterious ways. None of us really have a f-ing clue of any of it. But the living charlatans and shysters of the modern era who would like us to believe that they, and they alone, have the keys to whatever earthly and eternal kingdom that we must bow our heads and bend a knee to, are the same charlatans and shysters who promote war over peace, who admonish us if we don’t salute the American way of allowing corporations to dictate who suffers from poverty, hunger and lack of medical care. They are the ones who have theirs, and could give a shyte about you and yours.

The homeless on the streets, the medically uncared for because they lack the means of paying high medical deductibles – the working poor who are expected to subsist on a minimum wage of $15 an hour or less – the ruling classes answer is that capitalism is the solution – where the rich get richer and the poor remain poor. They don’t care – no matter their BS offerings on their radio shows, their television programs, their podcasts, their hyped-up nonsense that years ago, they did this or that which enabled them to overcome the obstacles. Those were the obstacles of yesterday.  They sit like king shit’s with the stench of nonsense they promote that does nothing other than keep the current insanity as the status quo.

Research suggests social isolation and feeling lonely may rival obesity as a threat to people’s health. – via USNews.com

This is news?

This is what the charlatans and shysters have promoted for years and years…whether covertly or overtly.

They don’t want us talking to each other. They don’t want us to put any value whatsoever in the troubles that the ordinary citizen (most often times our loved ones) deals with day in and day out. They sit on their outhouse thrones of shit and spout off about what YOU should do that won’t change a damn thing and that what they do that is of value  It’s guano…nothing more, nothing less.

We are all from families of one sort or another.  And within those families, there are those suffer, some more so than others. Why this is so is something that we’ll never understand while being among those of the living. Their narrative that the less fortunate suffer because of some sort of cosmic split with the capitalistic ways that heaped rewards upon them but not you is the choicest of snake oil offerings.

Those who promote their trite nonsense that the shit-sandwich of life that some of us are given is nothing more than an issue of democrats versus republicans, liberals versus conservatives…or of even a deeper insult of election meddling – are the lowest of dwellers in Gehenna.

Jesus Christ may have come and told us that the “poor you will always have with you, but you will not always have me”, wasn’t followed up with that we can continue to neglect the poor, the less fortunate, the downtrodden…the forgotten.

And as too many of us clamor for others to celebrate our trivial shyte of the everyday with any drone who will listen – there are far more who suffer, some tremendously, of a life that is, for mysterious reasons, a more difficult road to travel than the candy-coated lives that others have been blessed with.

The grand intervention…it may one day come. If and when it does come, it won’t be because the ordinary citizen recognizes that the emperor has no clothes –  it may only be that common man and woman finally comes to grips with the understanding that those whom they’ve allowed to be dominated by, with each soul being brow-beaten into believing that the daily offerings of bullshit from these psychopath’s is the way…only then will we all finally come to the understanding that all we’ve been fed with is nothing other than bird shit.

Maybe then, the grand intervention can commence.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven – Symphony No. 5 in C minor, Op. 67 ~ (Allegro) ~ West–Eastern Divan Orchestra Daniel Barenboim, conductor Royal Albert Hall, 23 July 2012

Photo  credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@wandervisions



  1. Things are as bad as you write. You are right. I don’t hide from that.
    Maybe this will help ease the pain – my contribution to your musical selections……

    Liked by 1 person

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