Disconnected from Ourselves

When you’re really good at something, you keep doing it and doing it and doing it, over and over again until profound mastery is attained, or some type of true enlightenment is encountered – take your pick.

Just as loved ones, family members, ex-lovers and current main squeezes entice you to buy into the joys of doing the wrong things that they themselves do over and over and over again, your chance of doing the right things approaches zero as you are bombarded with idiotic notions, 24/7/365.

You’re ill, you’re suffering – your loved ones insist you must get whatever medical procedure done because your parents, uncles and aunts, cousins and 2nd cousins and acquaintances from another life did so years and years ago (or just yesterday) and after experiencing the joys of living in absolute torture of what the allopathic gods of medicine imposed on them, you too must follow in their footsteps from their ill-informed decisions, because that’s just the way it’s been done. Who are you to buck the trend of suffering from Western medicine atrocities heaped on the populace, making corporations richer?

No matter that when one really stops for a spell longer than it might take to send a text detailing what you did from 2 to 3 pm today to allow yourself a moment of thought, such time cannot be allocated to finding the truth, no matter whether it be for the mental and physical health of you or your loved ones.

By chance, walking by a TV that was on the other day, with a commercial playing of the latest pharmaceutical miracle that you need to ask your doctor about, after 20 seconds of listening to the side effects one might experience from the taking the poison  drug being peddled, that included diarrhea, blood disorders, stomach disorders, tumors, cancers, and even death, the pleasant sounding voice intoned, right after the listing of side effects –  “this is her new life”. Pure f**kery!

Herding along with the herd is what is done best by most. Thinking outside the box, as we hear from time to time is uncommon and, let’s face it, kind of a drag.

If you dig your Fitbit, and you hear that Fitbit wearers are experiencing a wide range of unpleasant and sometimes life threatening symptoms, a shrug of the shoulders suffices to allow you to continue to wear their ugliness and bounce along your merry way of doing what many a modern “genius”  mind aspires to – counting the number of steps you take between your crib and the local pub, eatery or dog park you try to avoid. “Life threatening symptoms”?  Don’t bother me with such silliness.

The IoT (5G – Internet of Things) promises, like most stupid things that corporations and governments invent these days in order to track your every move, are cloaked behind the attraction of offering the latest pile of Hollywood and media shyte offerings downloaded to your dumb device in the blink of an eye. Don’t bother me with the details of how it might affect my health, even if there are pages of privacy and health concerns published.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph – I haven’t the time to read of health warnings that are longer than the longest text I’ve ever abandoned reading halfway through. I’ve got epic texts of my own to send about how I communed with goats while holding a ten second yoga pose – hopefully this 5G thing will get my nonsense out to all who could truthfully give a shyte of what I do from moment to moment quicker than I can blink my eyes from goat waste pissing me in the face.  I sure hope so.

It is no wonder that we have the likes of Trump, of Obama, of Bush, of Clinton, et al, leading the way toward experiencing their version of nirvana where their daily criminal activities are high-fived and handsomely rewarded, and the rest of humankind is cast into the curb. When our everyday is littered with idiots we listen to, idiots we pretend to find humorous, idiots that obliterate common sense – we condemn ourselves to living in their world of inglorious shittery, without the benefits of a home, of health care, of a living wage or of not sending our sons and daughters to kill others for their wars that enrich them and end the lives of millions of others.

We continue to buy the corporations stupid and deadly offerings, we continue to lap up nearly every deranged politically correct thought that would have sent Twain, Dostoevsky, Mencken, Bronte, Martin Luther King, O’Connor, Tolstoy, Vonnegut, Malcolm X, leaping off the nearest bridge.

Natural methods toward health, those provided by God, Mother Earth, the Universe…are laughed at, and more often than not, scorned by the current demons with their chemical offerings who want you to continue to buy into the wealth of sickness they offer.

The never-ending wars that Washington inflicts on the world continues with much of our tax dollars funding them – and we shrug it off.  The police state ramps up with our neighbors (and ourselves) in the crosshairs – and we cast our glances away. Technology that makes us sick, that poisons each of us, rather than rejected, is embraced with nary a thought of what it is doing to each of us. It is hip to be among the cool and the lost – hip to be counted among a generation of non-thought, in complete compliance with lunacy.

We continue to follow the piper to their ends, laughing at those who try to warn us of the insanity of these charlatans’ ways. We have been disconnected from our own hearts, our own minds, our character, our uniqueness and love – all for “likes” and “thumbs up” approval of the inane that consumes our every waking hour.

And yet, when we give ourselves a moment of thought outside the matrix, when we have thrown the dumbphone down for the night and we are with ourselves and ourselves only, wondering – how did we get to this point – if we allow a moment’s reflection, the answer is easy to see. We allow it.

“When enough insane people scream in harmony that they really are healthy, they can actually start to believe themselves. Or put even more simply: people with overlapping delusions get along wonderfully.” ~ Daniel Mackler


Tonight’s musical offering:

Olga Scheps performing Rachmaninov’s famous Prelude in G-minor at Berlin Philharmonie

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@henrylim

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