The Dome of Democracy

With whatever future left to America, its upcoming days, months and years (if there are years left) humans, drones, psychopath’s, misfits and assorted clowns still living in the land of the free and home of the brave will probably be left with I.V.’s dangling out of their arms, pushing along their I.V. cart with one hand, with their dumbphone in the other hand, reading the latest text of gibberish from a another misfit, bemoaning that their I.V. solution isn’t providing the necessary chemicals to induce the sustained state of nirvana that the government promised for every living person or thing; or if not being injected with mind altering chemicals, the unfortunate soul will be listening to or watching trash, ugliness, degradation and filth – you know, what corporations and Washington best produce.

By then, all fears concerning Russia will have been eliminated as Washington constructed a dome of democracy over its skies so impenetrable that no nuclear missiles can penetrate it, no illegal or otherwise immigrant could move through it, no American citizen could escape it, and not even the epic dimwittedness of Hollywood morons could scratch it – not even stellar stupidity such as:

The Democratic candidate in Ohio’s 12th district may lose his bid for the House of Representatives – and some liberal leaning celebrities are freaking out and blaming Russia. – via

Alyssa Milano


With the dome of democracy protecting every citizen from Russian, or even Iranian evil doings, politicians will no longer be able to say some dumb thing, like this:

In a post on Twitter, President Trump offered a self-congratulatory announcement that sanctions on Iran have been reimposed, declaring them the “most biting sanctions ever imposed,” and saying that they are a push for “WORLD PEACE, nothing less!” – via


And with the dome of democracy censoring every thought not approved by the caring psychopath’s running the asylum, those unfortunate souls still left in the land of misery won’t be able to raise even a passing concern that they live in squalor, many without the necessities of life, left only to piss on each other because the moron they’re arguing with on some social media wasteland doesn’t agree with the tired and antiquated idea that a candidate of one party will outproduce the candidate of the other party with promises that never will be delivered.

Still, it will be lollipops falling from the geo-engineered skies, bouncing off 5G transmitters on every lamp post, with a bounty of genetically modified everything. Free, contaminated water will be provided, along with the glorious chemicals from the pharmaceutical industry to keep you just healthy enough to push your I.V. cart to the nearest pharmacy for your monthly allotment of their chemical toxins – for which you’ll have to pay. And you will be told it’s for the benefit of you, and of course, the children – and you will believe…or else!

But there is one unintended consequence of the dome of democracy – countries outside the dome will no longer be subjected to Washington’s hegemony, will no longer find their homelands bombed into rubble, will no longer be subjected the alphabet soup of U.S. intelligence agencies fomenting unrest, wars, death and destruction. They will be free to pursue peace with all other nations, without the heavy fisted hand of Washington threatening, sanctioning, or bombing them into bending the knee to Washington’s depravity.

Don’t concern yourself with the plight that deranged political and corporate psychopath’s will face not having the pleasure of destroying other countries – they have their’s and you don’t have yours. The way it was always intended.




“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.” H.L. Mencken


Tonight’s musical offering:

Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 20 – “Romance”

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