Rusty Bicycles and the Saturday Night Variety of Human Oddities

Like the rusted out bicycle missing its chain and back wheel, its days of usefulness are pretty much gone. It provided transportation, wind in one’s face and a feeling of freedom during its’ days of use.

Now, when a rusted human mind is also missing a heart and soul, they’re not cast aside and left to live out their remaining time stashed away in a garage, shed, barn or against the side of a house where they won’t be a danger to others if used – no, no, no.  Unfortunately, you can find these rusted and broken human beings continuing to work feverishly on polishing skills of hypocrisy and making a mess of the lives of others that only diplomat’s and government officials can master, with straight faces and dead serious stupidity seeping out of their pores:



Poor Heather. Evidently, she forgot, didn’t check Washington’s shenanigan’s with regards to how they started all this with their handy work with the Russian press, and certainly can’t get the rusty bolts in her brains to consider how Washington continues to stifle freedom and media independence both at home and abroad.


Less than a year ago, Washington did this stupid thing:

RT America stripped of Congress credentials, while State Dept say FARA won’t change its status – via

Russia’s biggest media company kicked out of Washington – via

And, of course, sensitive and truth loving minds can’t forget the on-going vendetta Washington holds towards Julian Assange, who, through Wikileaks publishes authentic documents telling of the mostly hideous machinations of rusted and broken humans occupying many of the high positions in government duplicity worldwide. Washington’s love of freedom and media independence is so strong that arresting Assange is a high priority for the criminals in Washington.

Heather even forgot about her stand-up comic routine when back in March of this year, she refused to take a question from a Russian TV reporter. Condemning the selective targeting of news organizations doesn’t apply to the nitwits in Washington. In their everyday, they condemn other countries, independent media, even regular citizens for the shyte they accomplish while they’re sleeping.

But don’t be too depressed. Doing stupid things isn’t unique just to the insane here in the States – it can be found across the pond as well:

Facial recognition furor: Met police chief backs technology that doesn’t work 98% of the time – via


But, you’re probably wondering, can such “brilliance” be outdone?  Of course it can.

What data scandal? Facebook’s stock notches an all time high, shrugging off user privacy woes – via


How to offset such nuttiness, if only for a brief few moments?

A bit of vodka over ice, mixed with a splash of blueberry kombucha, along with the smooth and relaxing sounds of “Petite Fleur” surely will help

Enjoy your Saturday night…or Sunday morning!


“Petite Fleur” –  Andrzej Bukowski – clarinet, Jarosław Śpiewankiewicz – guitar

Photo credit (front page):




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