Slivers of Souls

Maybe the sugar-addicted individual might munch on 121 Skittles throughout the day. Of course, they only endanger their own life. But when you’re the POTUS and you have an arsenal of bombs at your disposal, going through 121 bombs a day, now that’s another story.

Like Skittles falling from the sky for the sugar-addict, dropping bombs seems to have become a favorite past time of the guy with orange hair as he is currently dropping 121 bombs on a day – that’s 44,096 bombs being dropped per year…on countries we are not technically at war with. What a bonanza for the military industrial complex, so much so that the US is running out of bombs. What’s a war-loving administration to do? Keep dropping Skittles, naturally.

With the Trump-Kim McDonald’s summit about to take place, all eyes will be on french fries and hamburgers while Washington continues with it’s worldly onslaught, bringing death to innocents in lands far away…just because it can.

18 million Yemeni’s are in danger of starvation as Saudi and United Arab Emirates plan to take the Red Sea port Hodeidah through which most of the food supplies to Yemen’s come in.

The UN, which oversees the aid distribution through Hodeidah, tried to negotiate between the parties:

The U.N. special envoy for Yemen, Martin Griffiths, traveled to the U.A.E. capital over the weekend in an effort to forestall an attack. Mr. Griffiths had secured an agreement with Houthi rebels who control Hodeidah to allow the U.N. to operate the port jointly, the people said. But people briefed on the discussions said they doubted the U.A.E. would accept the offer or delay the planned assault. The briefed people were right. The UN is now evacuating its staff. via

But it will be bright lights and hearty handshakes for the world’s photo op of the day, as Trump and Kim meet to discuss the disarmament of North Korea, and possibly “golden arches” gracing Pyongyang. What a deal – either the “Libya model” or American fast food – either way we’ll get those pesky war-mongering North Korean’s.

Washington must keep those bombs dropping, and probably to the delight of Saudi Arabia, the US ‘helped bomb’ a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Yemen earlier today. Thank the demons below that Washington has its priorities in line with its choice standard guano that America is the preserver of freedom, coming to the aid of all nations suffering from possible genocide at the hands of the friends of Washington.

And lest one is worried that Washington’s bombing industrial complex is running out of places to drop their love bombs, Secretary of State James Mattis said that pulling out of Syria would be a “strategic blunder”. Of course it would…one less sovereign nation the U.S. isn’t invited into in order to continue the bombings. What a tragedy.

But it’s not as if there are problems here in the good ole US of A that need attention. A crumbling infrastructure, healthcare premiums that many can’t afford, the plights of the poor and homeless, police brutality, the weekly amp of Washington spying on its own citizens and listening to their conversations, runaway corporations casting their sights on control-freak activities by determining what you can read or listen to – there’s really nothing in this country that needs fixing. It’s all Skittles falling from the skies for Americans.

$717 Billion authorized for military spending for 2019 alone would go a long way to eliminating, or at least softening the blow of the hardships so many Americans face each day. But screw all that…Washington has sovereign nations to bomb.

And while many deranged Americans suck their thumbs in delight because some has-been, former fine actor, who has his millions in his account from the corporate cesspool of Hollywood, uttered his defiant “F*** Trump”, as if his “bold” statement did anything other than keeping the guy with orange hair from disobeying the complete ban on the US president from entering his posh, overpriced sushi restaurant chain, insouciant idiots stood and applauded this nincompoop. His two-word rant does nothing to bring awareness to the continued wars that Washington has continued to unleash and the lives lost because of Washington’s bombs. Where was this holier-than-thou icon when Obama was offing hundreds of thousands with his 8 years of wars?

The apathetic mindset of Washington’s hand-over-heart hypocrites, Hollywood’s ungodly whores and mainstream media’s sychophant’s attitude towards a humanity outside their sandlot of concerns, along with many others who proclaim they are the holders of all wisdom, empathy and compassion – are nothing more than the empty thoughts of slivers of a soul, who think promoting themselves and their life-ending ideals for all others but themselves – putting their insanity above the God they purport to believe in, more important than the Universe, Mother Earth or whatever brought his grand comedy upon us all, are somehow holier than recognizing the value and sanctity of all lives – no matter whether they be the neighbor across the street or the neighbor thousands of miles away, might be the West’s final epitaph.


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Mozart – Symphony No. 39 in E flat Major (K.543) – III. Minuet: Trio

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