Even a Grand Chess Master Sometimes (Conveniently) Forgets

Sometimes it’s advantageous to forget things.

Doing the laundry, cleaning the house, paying bills… or that your country is involved in the deaths of innocents – each has it’s own peculiar kind of reward of forgetting:

The New York Times is reporting on Thursday that there are actually a small number of US special forces on the ground at the Saudi border with Yemen. Those troops have not only been on the ground since late 2017, but are there on a mission to help the Saudi military fight Yemen’s Shi’ite Houthi movement.

No public debate took place with respect to this deployment. Indeed, the Pentagon appears to have gone to great lengths not to tell the American public or the Congress about the Green Berets they sent to the border. The Green Berets are intended to help the Saudis “locate and destroy” Houthi missile caches, and attack Houthi launch sites inside Yemen.

This has been going on despite the Trump Administration telling Congress that America’s involvement in Yemen was purely “non-combat,” and again, despite the Pentagon repeatedly saying that America’s sole involvement in Yemen was logistics and support for the air war. – via antiwar.com

Logistics, air support, non-combat “adventures”…who can remember such details, especially when you’ve been involved in the destruction of several sovereign nations for 17 years…what’s a few more deaths, or another country that Washington is assisting in destroying?

dan-gold-105699-unsplashTweet this one day, something different the next…who’s keeping track?  Surely not the citizens of the United States. F-that!  They’ve got more important texts of epic proportions to imbed in their memory hole, like memorizing pictures of meals their friends are having or who one hooked up with the previous night…it’s all a troublesome lot to keep track of for the average American.


Pot-holed roads filled, candy-coated repairs of crumbling infrastructures, tax breaks for the middle class…AND the poor – what’s with you man with remembering these things – they were just quaint promises from the grand chess master that were once promised but now forgotten.

3-D chess, Level 5 or even Level 12 – who can keep track of what level of chess the Donald is playing these days.

The grand chess master, along with Congress, and their slithering accomplices in the mainstream media, would have you to believe that Iran poses a threat to all freedoms gained since Moses parted the Red Sea.

Truth be told, which is an extremely unpleasant thing for the West to deal with, the last time Iran invaded another country was back in 1785 and when Iran took Basra from Irag. This was before the demons running Washington were a gleam in their fathers, grandfathers, great grandfathers and even great, great grandfathers lecherous eye. Ah yes, the myth’s Washington creates.

But who gives a shyte about history? Not the ant scum currently running the government here in the US. They would have you believe that they, and ONLY THEY, can hold the attache case with the nuclear codes for the destruction of human kind, and if any other nation seeks to defend itself from the aggressions of Washington’s lunatics, well, that is cause for what Washington does best…turn your country into a hellhole of rat shit.

One would think that $700 BILLION+ allocated to the military industrial complex for 2017 alone would give them a plethora of opportunities to lay to waste every other individual, except themselves. Of course, the Washington nutjobs have probably already forgotten of their “gift” to the military industrial complex at the expense of the poor, elderly, the uninsured citizens of this country and the myriad of problems the average American faces each day. $700 Billion+ just might help everyday citizens, but Jesus, Mary and Joseph, such promises are just too cumbersome to remember when you’ve got other nations to lay to waste.

But not to worry…things here in the West are humming along swimmingly:

In the UK teenage girls sell their virginity. One got $1.5 million. https://www.rt.com/search?q=UK+teens+sell+their+virginity

UK minister’s secretary caught selling sex online. Extra price for doing it on the minister’s desk.https://www.rt.com/search?q=UK+minister%27s+secretary+caught+selling+sex+online

German university teaches women how to masturbate for maximum pleasure.https://www.rt.com/search?q=Masturbation+workshops+for+women

Human relations break down as Western civilization turns to sex robots.https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2015/dec/13/sex-love-and-robots-the-end-of-intimacy

From the looks of things, males in the West are as endangered as morality, truth, and facts:



At one time these reports would have been shocking. Today they are lost in the decadence of the West. via paulcraigroberts.org

All this makes one want to forget…and that is wherein the problem lies. We choose to forget and let the demons rule, without a whimper of protest.

“Hell is empty and all the devils are here.” William Shakespeare



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