Gasbags du Jour

Remember when trivial matters, nonsense, silliness, or to use a more old-school type of phrase, fiddle-faddle, was the stuff that cartoons entertained us with on Saturday mornings? Probably not.

But not to worry, we have the everyday that includes politicians, the gasbags du jour, news presenters and other assorted jack-asses to fill the bellies of the average citizen with fiddle-faddle, so painful to endure that they turn away from consuming the modern day manure in varied and surprisingly nauseating ways.

Consider the following:

‘I’m the equal of Putin,’ Macron tells journalists over a drink –  when one hears such idiocy, one can safely assume they live in some sort of altered universe:

“I am an equal of Putin,” Macron was cited as saying by Bourdin, who told RMC radio that an informal conversation with the head of state provided an insight into the French role in the Syrian crisis and Marcon’s attitude towards Vladimir Putin.

“By the way, Putin understands me. And I decided to strike Syria in order to convey to Putin that we are also part of this,” the journalist cited Macron’s words. – via

H. L. MenckenMercy!  The stench of this guano is so overwhelming that it sends one out into the streets, screaming for sanity… which leads us to H.L. Mencken when writing about high school students way back when and their inability to put their thoughts on paper:


“What ails them is not a defective technical equipment but a defective natural equipment.  They write badly simply because they cannot think clearly.  They cannot think clearly because they lack the brains.”


This is the “thinking” of the president of France on his recent decision to jump into the launching of the West’s love missiles on a sovereign country – just as Putin has NEVER done, to prove to him that he’s just like him. Good Lord! No wonder so many in the West choose to drown away in a few bags of chemically laced corn chips and equally upsetting soda’s – or moreso, turn to reading the latest text of a dear friend having yet another melt-down than read such nonsense.

Also, one loses track of all the levels of chess that Trump has mastered.  Beginner, 3-D, or Level Twelve – who can keep track, let alone stay with the grand chess master?

Initially, in another galaxy far, far away, he was going to take our young men and women serving in the military out of nations we’ve never been invited to; was going to start kumbaya get-togethers with Putin; was going to exit Syria; then, in a stunning, turnabout 3-D chess move, decided to launch a hundred or so missiles at empty buildings, or buildings in Syria being used to develop anti-cancer medicines. He then declared the mission of love, that is day-by-day, being debunked, being nothing more than another of the West’s magical stage plays – telling the world that it was a 100% success, only to have the Pentagon think twice about the whole thing and launch an internal “probe” into the whether those love missiles really hit their targets as the POTUS told us they did. Then, by allowing another of those who simply lack the brains to be anything more than a casual dining waitress, appointing a dimwit to be US Ambassador to the UN, Ms. Nikki Haley then proceeds to tell the world that the US and the West is “locked and loaded” and ready to unleash more destruction on innocents, AND, with an extra 32 ounce sized soft drink thrown in – taking policy making matters into her own incompetent hands, declaring that the US would level new sanctions, targeting Russian companies that facilitated the Syrian regime’s chemical weapons program, only to have the grand chess master say,  probably not – this is the lack of brains leading our country right now. And for all this, the average American sent $3,456 to the Pentagon last year to produce war, war and more war, and pay a handsome salary to these morons. What a gig to have, eh?

Is it no wonder that Americans and most in the West are consumed with the fiddle-faddle of the modern era.  If one gives even a casual nod to such tripe from our “thinking” leaders – migraines ensue, fuzzy thoughts overcome us, and in extreme cases, the urge to vomit cannot be overcome. About exactly as our government and propagandists would have it – watch the left hand, as the right hand performs its works of  deceit and destruction – with no regard for the lives of others.


Tonight’s musical offering: (what else could it be?)

Leroy Anderson: “Fiddle Faddle” ~  Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

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