The Simple, Dignified & Beautiful

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger (17 March 1839, in Vaduz – 25 November 1901, in Munich) was an organist and composer, born in Liechtenstein and resident for most of his life in Germany.

Josef Gabriel Rheinberger, whose father was the treasurer for Aloys II, Prince of Liechtenstein, showed exceptional musical talent at an early age. When only seven years old, he was already serving as organist of the Vaduz parish church, and his first composition was performed the following year.

The stylistic influences on Rheinberger ranged from contemporaries such as Brahms to composers from earlier times, such as MendelssohnSchumannSchubert and, above all, Bach. He was also an enthusiast for painting and literature (especially English and German).

Today Rheinberger is remembered above all for his elaborate and challenging organ compositions; these include two concertos, 20 sonatas in 20 different keys (of a projected set of 24 sonatas in all the keys),[5] 22 trios, and 36 solo pieces. His organ sonatas were once declared to be “undoubtedly the most valuable addition to organ music since the time of Mendelssohn. They are characterized by a happy blending of the modern Romantic spirit with masterly counterpoint and dignified organ style.”

J. Weston Nicholl, Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (1908 edition), v. 4, 85


The elaborate isn’t always needed to convey musical beauty.  A piano, and a group of beautiful voices can bring the simple, dignified and beautiful to life most elegantly  And this group of singers from Seoul, Korea, provides a magificient performance with their interpretation and singing of this beautiful piece of music.

J.G. Rheinberger ~ Mass in C Major ~ Opus 169 ~ Kyrie

Seoul Catholic Singers서울가톨릭싱어즈

Photo credit (front page):

Photo Credit (Rheinberger): By Anonymous (CPDL (Choral Public Domain Library)) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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