Wait!!! I Was Too Busy Staring At My Phone To Know of Anything, Let Alone Do Anything

When attempting to warn fellow earth travelers, particularly those living in the States, that insanity has taken the West over, one most likely will get an apathetic shyte sandwich-type of stare, followed by a demonic-like laugh and dismissal of believing in anything that isn’t corporate media approved. It’s a bummer.

Such is life in the land of the clueless.

But it’s understandable. Americans have been duped by charlatans, schemers, liars, toadies, politicians, educators, scum dwellers, and killers for so long that if Americans heard the truth from these snakes, the earth would quake, stars would drop from the sky and Lucifer would turn these lowest of the low to Gehenna dust in an instant.

With Trump lining up new morons, who just happen to be female, to replace the pasty white male previous morons, the new moron on the block gets to utter imbecilities that Americans have come to count on:

“The idea that Russia is calling for a so-called humanitarian corridor, I want to be clear, is a joke,” (Heather) Nauert said at one recent briefing where she took Moscow to task for its actions in Syria, where it has used military power to support President Bashar Assad’s government. – via yahoo.com

This is some choice, grade A guano. But what else to expect from a feather brain?


cluster_bombsNo, the problem is that the US has invaded a sovereign country, UNIVITED, blowing up roads, towns, cities, homes, killing innocents with 26,171 bombs dropped on Syria in 2016 alone,  and with Trump set to break Obama’s 2016 record, already dropping 20,650 bombs through August, 2017.  Yep, that’s right Heather, what kind of f***ing joke is this with Russia calling for a humanitarian corridor in Syria. Washington can’t tolerate any sort of peace while they’re busy blowing away a country for Washington’s dead dream of yet another regime change, just like they did in Iraq and Libya.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Reading through the comments section under the Yahoo article expounding on the guts and glories of Ms. Nauert is like reading through some sort of chronicles from Gehenna, where shit-infested condemned souls have been given a platform, glorifying Trump’s pick of another women to a prominent position in his administration, completely ignorant of the deaths of thousands of innocents that their lunatic leader and those in his administration continue to lay to waste, without an ounce of empathy of the sufferings of others outside their little world of ignorance. Such is the altered state of minds in America.

The media, the intellectuals, the scientists and the politicians, in chorus, obfuscate the untold truth, namely that war using nuclear warheads destroys humanity.

“Fake News” has become “Real News”. 

And “Real News” by the independent online media is now tagged as Russian propaganda.

In turn, the independent media (including Global Research) is the object of censorship via the search engines and social media. 

What we are dealing with is a War against the Truth. Objective reporting on the dangers of a Third World war is being suppressed. Why? 

The future of humanity is at stake. The danger of nuclear annihilation is not front-page news.

The unfolding consensus among Pentagon war planners is that a Third World War is “Winnable”.  via globalresearch.ca

I cannot explain or come to any sort of understanding of life-ending apathy, especially in regards to the future of the human traveler and their very existence, and that of their loved ones.

That America and the West have allowed out-and-out loonies to take over their government and the policies made; expenditures of their tax dollars towards their never-ending wars – with disregard and dismissal of the sufferings of their citizens; a complete degeneration of how their children are educated; geo-engineering of their weather; toxic-laced dispersal of chemicals in their food and the poisoning of the very water they drink each day – one can only pour vodka over ice and moan deeply, or preferably, fight their lunacy each and every step of the way.

Russia, which is the quickly becoming the beacon of supporting sanity and respect for all life, is demonized by the West with their latest cocktail of lies that would make even the most imaginative novelist blush with embarrassment that such tales could be conjured up.

Yet, the apathy in the West continues. The Washington criminals and their counterparts in deception, treachery, bullshit, depravity and insanity are allowed to continue to foment their demonic ideas. Few protest – for few even care to see it for what it is.  They’re too busy doing whatever it is they do with their cell phones.

When this grand comedy is over for each of us, and if an account of what we did or didn’t do is taken into account that might determine the next phase of our “enlightenment”, I doubt that apathy will be given any sort of consideration to passage toward a more heightened state of “namaste”. More than likely, one’s deep-seeded apathy will contribute to the soul being sentenced to a regression of awareness, say, to that of a piece of ant shit on the sidewalk.  If one hasn’t progressed to the point of giving a shit first, for themselves, and then for the lives of others in the world at large, the gods only choice is to send them back to learn all that they chose to ignore about love, empathy, courage, kindness, compassion and truth – and their education will mostly start in the gutter.

Washington, along with its’ criminal partners in the UK, continue to concoct fairy tales – ones which could end the lives of each one of us.  But do citizens in the West care…no, they continue to practice life-ending apathy.

Perhaps the Russians will decide it is past time for them to demonstrate their superior military capabilities, and they will take out not only the US missiles and airplanes but also the fleets from which the attack is launched while putting their nuclear forces on high alert. What then would Washington do? Can a government composed of bullies drunk on hubris come to a sensible decision, or would people so arrogant as to think themselves “exceptional” and “indispensable” condemn the world, including the plants, animals, birds, and all creatures who have no idea of the murderous lunatics that rule the Western world, to death?

There is no greater threat to life on earth than Washington. Constraining Washington’s determination to destroy life on earth is the greatest challenge humanity has faced. If we fail, we all die, every one of us and all creatures. via paulcraigroberts.org

What will we each of us, individually, tell the gods when the grand comedy is all over?

If only all humans could give to other humans, no matter the color of their skin, the country they live in, or the differences of their beliefs, the kindness and love given by this human to a loving canine in the clip below, the world might stand a chance of not blowing itself into dust:



Tonight’s musical offering ~ A beautiful performance of Mozart’s 20th Piano Concerto:

Saleem Ashkar performs Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 20 with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra during the 2017-2018 Classical Series.

Photo credit: (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@priscilladupreez

Photo credit: By U.S. Air Force [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo/video credit: http://www.minds.com/scientificmemo