The Simple Gifts

Debates abound on when intelligence, in whatever form, first found itself a home in the brain of the living human being. Was it first given to Adam and Eve, only to be cast aside because the first political a-hole, the devil himself, promised some sort of nirvana beyond the nirvana they were already living in…or did it gradually, over who knows how many millions of years, make it’s appearance in the amoeba, then to the fish, to the monkey, then to the human, where today, it’s been abused and forgotten, and has regressed to the point where we find it to be an extremely elusive gift?  Who knows for sure.

sarah-derritt-521195-unsplashGeneration after generation have discarded knowledge which their parents tried to impart, especially in the modern era, where the text of the daily horseshit of another’s life is all that is important to us.

As we become dumb and dumber, opting out of attaining basic knowledge, along with an understanding of all that’s come before us from the mistakes and successes of past generations – the simple and easily understood is quickly discarded, especially when it comes to our health.

If there were a mainstream media report on the benefits of essentials oils, most wouldn’t know of what they were reporting, and second, would think it was some sort of evil plot hatched by the Russians – such is the state of the mental degeneration of modern homo sapiens.

Yet, it is still all there. God, Mother Earth, or the intergalactic traveling troop of jokesters who started this bewildering journey haven’t taken away the gifts of good health…yet.

Essential oils are aromatic, volatile liquids made up of resin and plant extracts. People make oils out of the most powerful part of a plant, such as the seeds, flowers, bark, or roots.

The book Essential Oils Desk Reference claims that when a person inhales essential oils, chemical compounds in the oils have the ability to produce physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. People have been using essential oils for these purposes for many centuries.

Dr. Terry S. Friedmann, a physician associated with the American Board of Hospital Medicine, examined how different essential oils affect the body. He explains why essential oils work:

When the essential oil is inhaled, the micro droplets are carried to the limbic system of the brain, which is that portion that is the processing center for reason, emotion, and smell, and to the hypothalamus, which is the hormone command center. The essential oil micro droplets are also carried to the lungs where they enter the circulatory system.

Some essential oils contain high levels of the chemical constituents sesquiterpenes, which can dramatically increase oxygenation and activity in the brain. Other essential oils because of their unique constituents tend to have a greater role in hormonal secretion and in the balance of mood and emotions. – via

sarah-derritt-523232-unsplashIt is as if we are all back in the garden of Eden, where all the heavenly gifts bestowed on Mother Earth abound, gifts that have proven themselves worthy for generations, yet we cast them aside for the modern choice of throwing a chemical pill down our throats with only the hope that what some guy in a white lab coat, who spent 1 hour or so during his education on nutrition, knows what he’s talking about.

For a nice and abridged history of essential oils…you can check it out here.  And for an extensive list of the benefits of essential oils…don’t be frightened… check it out here.


Tonight’s musical offering:

Aaron Copland – “Simple Gifts” – From “Appalachian Spring” – Leonard Bernstein

(most are familiar with the first 3 minutes of this beautiful piece…the final 3 minutes are even more beautiful.)

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