When the World Ends…Please, Just Let it Happen in the Morning

Throughout my 62 years on this merry-go-round, I’ve heard my share of views of when the music will suddenly stop; the merry-go-round goes full-tilt; and this whole mess ends. The “mess” being how the other-wordly experiment of creating, placing or transporting humans (take your pick of whatever belief you might have or don’t have) who have been given so much yet can blow the shyte out of everything and make life a nightmare for so many – when will the grand experiment cease.

One studies history and might think to themselves, now that would have been a good time to end it all.  The “bigs” like WWI, WWII, come immediately to mind. If you were living in any of the countries being laid to waste, you might have prayed for the end to come…and quickly.  Or, if you’ve been one of the 20 million victims in any of the 37 ‘victim nations’ that Washington has decided to get it on with for whatever hair-brained reason they’ve concocted since WWII, you might have had an inkling of wishing for the end. Sadly, being one of those 20 million victims, you experienced the end – and probably before your time.


Living in America, present day, we don’t (as of yet) have bombings of cities and countryside. We haven’t experienced the devastation of lives abruptly ended, homes blown to pieces, loved ones scattered about and lives shattered because of “insert reason here”.

In present day America, we get to experience the creeping insanity of everyday living where jibberish is rewarded over intelligence, where poverty for so many of our fellows travelers is the everyday.  Where homelessness abounds, healthcare deteriorates and our senior citizens are forgotten. Where ignorance of the truth is encouraged, where we’re propagandized by our government and media, and our youth are indoctrinated and then abandoned – yet our “leaders” choose to make it better by allocating over $700 Billion to the military industrial complex for the continued insanity of more death and destruction in far away lands; while jobs here in the homeland are scarce, billion dollar corporations pay no tax and our “entertainment” offerings give only ugliness, and just as sadly, we continue to be poisoned by the GMO’s in our food, the junk in our water and the chemicals floating down upon us from the skies with hardly a whimper from our citizens.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes…it is “Make-Believe-America“, as most continue to believe there is nothing wrong.

At some point, whether in my lifetime or my children’s or grandchildren’s lifetimes, paying the piper for all the horseshit we’ve heaped upon our own citizens, and citizens of the world, will have to be reckoned with by the creator(s).  If it happens in my lifetime I selfishly request, please – my prayer to the gods – let it be in the morning…as with getting old, we don’t understand what’s really going on until the cocktail hour, and let it only happen to me.


Tonight’s musical offering:  Mozart ~ “Ave Verum Corpus”

As a commentator on this YouTube clip notes…”46 bars of immortal beauty”.  Sadly, 46 bars of immortal beauty that too few in America have ever heard.

Yet, there are still those living among us who are modern-day-Mozart’s in whatever their creative endeavors might be – and can possibly, save the world. We hope they continue to try.

Mozart ~ “Ave Verum Corpus” ~ Leonard Bernstein, Conductor

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@grantritchie

Phot credit: http://www.unsplash.com/@acharki95