It’s Not Meant to End well

“There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the Universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable.

There is another theory which states that this has already happened.”
― Douglas AdamsThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe

If you’re like most people who might think beyond the next text, from time to time a flash of a thought might light across your mind of your ultimate demise.  How will it come – quickly, from prolonged suffering, misfortunate accident of some kind?

Unless you’re suffering from an unfortunate disease, are of the very elderly set, or are just accident prone, more than likely, in the modern era, assuming “room temperature” just might come at the hands of your loving government.

Demons, masquerading as idiots, shape-shifting into a-holes and then morphing into politicians – US government officials or mainstream media-talking imbeciles who can’t let go of their dream of having the US get into an all-out, Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote type of nuclear confrontation with Russia or China have taken over. And we’ll let you guess who is the Roadrunner and who is Wile E. Coyote in such a scenario.

Former CIA Chief Admits US Meddles in Foreign Elections…For Their own Good – via

Former CIA chief James Woolsey appeared on Fox News to push the narrative of how dastardly ‘dem Russkies’ are in their meddling with the sacred soul of America’s democracy.

Woolsey did his patriotic deep-state-duty and proclaimed the evils of “expansionist Russia” and dropped ‘facts’ like “Russia has a larger cyber-army than its standing army,” before he moved on to China and its existential threats.

Could it be yet another demonic clown is pushing the BS Russiagate narrative in order to bring about the destruction of you, your sons and daughters via new wars of some sort?  Evidently.  The “little boys with destructive toys” running companies that supply life-ending weapons must be beaming.  For now, anyway.

In response to this underwhelming revelation (Mueller indictments), Democrats and Never-Trumpers are howling for new Cold War escalations with Russia. This despite the fact that this administration has already killed Russians in Syria, greatly escalated nuclear tensions with Russia, allowed the sale of arms to Ukraine (a move Obama refused for fear of angering Moscow), established a permanent military presence in Syria with the goal of effecting regime change, forced RT and Sputnik to register as foreign agents, expanded NATO with the addition of Montenegro, assigned Russia hawk Kurt Volker as special representative to Ukraine, shut down a Russian consulate in San Francisco and expelled Russian diplomats as part of continued back-and-forth hostile diplomatic exchanges. via

Now, you may be wondering…in the “interests of democracy”, just what elections of sovereign nations has the US meddled in:  Let’s check it out:

2016: UK (verbal intervention against Brexit)
2014: Afghanistan (effectively re-writing Afghan constitution)
2014: UK (verbal intervention against Scottish independence)
2011: Libya (providing support to overthrow Colonel Gaddafi)
2009: Honduras (ousting President Zelaya)
2006: Palestine (providing support to oust Prime Minister Haniyeh)
2005: Syria (providing support against President al-Assad)
2003: Iran (providing support against President Khatami)-
2003: Iraq (ousting of President Hussein)
2002: Venezuela (providing support to attempt an overthrow of President Chavez)
1999: Yugoslavia (removing Yugoslav forces from Kosovo)
1994: Iraq (attempted overthrow of President Hussein)
1991: Haiti (ousting President Aristide)
1991: Kuwait (removing Iraqi forces from Kuwait)
1989: Panama (ousting General Noriega)
1983: Grenada (ousting General Austin’s Marxist forces)
1982: Nicaragua (providing support
1971: Chile (ousting President Allende)
1967: Indonesia (ousting President Sukarno)
1964: Brazil (ousting President Goulart)
1964: Chile (providing support against Salvador Allende)
1961: Congo (assassination of leader Lumumba)
1958: Lebanon (providing support to Christian political parties)
1954: Guatemala (ousting President Arbenz)
1953: Iran (ousting Prime Minister Mossadegh)
1953: Philippines (providing support to the President Magsaysay campaign)
1948: Italy (providing support to the Christian Democrats campaign)


Frankly, this is too much for the average American citizen to 1) comprehend or 2) give a shyte about.

mechkenSocial media addictions, wondering what the next calamity they should be worried about, the latest inane texts and tweets from friends and adored media idiots, the next Hollywood blockbuster of sex and violence that are a “must-see” – insouciance Americans might soon someday look up to the skies and wonder what that bright explosion in the skies is all about.  Without much time to text their “followers” for a quick answer – their demise will be one “for the books” – a legendary story to pass along to family, next of kin, friend and followers.  Sadly, they too will be scattered in ash. And it won’t necessarily come from “boogie-men” as designated by your government – in the Roadrunner/Wile E. Coyote version of the end of everything – it might just be that some jack-ass pressed the wrong nuclear detonation button because degenerates couldn’t accept that the failure of a human being, Hillary Clinton, lost an election to a guy with orange hair.

“To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.”
― Douglas AdamsThe Restaurant at the End of the Universe

Jackals, assholes and dick-heads – those people who have never had an inkling of compassion, who are so devoid of anything even close to kindness or love of their fellow human travelers’ lives – they may very well end yours.

Here at the Asylum, we keep looking for anyone giving a shyte about anything that is beyond their own shyte. Can it be that due to GMO’s; fluoridation of the water; an educational system that inspires students to all that is ugly; a media that promotes discord, division, lies and government propaganda; and the daily intake of chemicals drifting from the sky lovingly approved by your government have finally led the ordinary citizens to accept, with absolute apathy, their own demise? Evidently so.

Moral Collapse – a brief yet detailed expository of the current insanity – just take a listen. Yes, it’s all depressing. But it we don’t actively start refusing to go along with these demons plans, you and your loved ones future will be nothing more than an ornamental notch on these demons belts.



Tonight’s musical offering:

Beethoven “rebelled” in so many ways.  Whether it was breaking the “rules” of composition that preceded him, or telling the aristocracy to take a hike – his music is testament to his beliefs in the freedom of all mankind.  If only there were so many more Beethoven’s about.

Ludwig van Beethoven ~ Piano Concerto in B flat major, Op. 19 ~ III. Rondo. Molto allegro

Martha Argerich, piano ~ Gábor Takács-Nagy, conductor ~ Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra

Photo credit (front page): National Archives Archeological Site [Public domain or Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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