Our Village Idiots

The village idiot – The stupidest or most idiotic person in a particular village, as elected by the local populace. The kind who would steal all the sugar from an overturned lorry and go door-to-door trying to sell it. via urbandictionary.com

Village idiots abound in the US – one might say we are overloaded with them.  A mad conspiracy from the gods or just plan shitty thinking on the part of the electorate – absolute morons are given the keys to the town, city, county, state, country as their play-toy to do what’s best for the electorate.  What is given in return is mostly guano, rat or bird droppings, stealing of funds, resources – theft of money and resources they’ve been charged to oversee and scam after scam ensues with their day to day activities. They duck, cover-up –  blame the house gerbil or any other breathing creature for all the havoc they drop on their “constituents”, smiling like the devil with the goods they’ve drained from anyone and everyone.

The village idiot doesn’t care. First “elected” to his position by a drunken town during the annual festival of pig shit centuries ago – he is there for one purpose and one purpose only – to advance himself (or herself, to be equally unbiased here).

matt-benson-1812He/she may be stunningly good-looking, may be able to speak in complete sentences when opening their mouths, offering up straight-faced lies of their criminal activities.  The drunken or apathetic town folk smile their smiles of ignorance and say to one another – “isn’t he/she so handsome, beautiful and articulate?  Surely, they mean us well.”

Since the election of the first village idiot, only stunningly and more often than not, more idiotic village idiots have been elected for other government posts. The first village idiot understood that only other idiots could be allowed into the club, but they had to be more idiotic that the first village idiot – leading to where we are today where only the most supreme of idiots are allowed into the club of total degenirates:

The indictment of 13 Russian nationals and three entities over allegations by the DOJ that Russians interfered in US elections – but “did not alter the outcome of the 2016 election” nor that any American was a knowing participant in this activity – are absurd, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Friday.

“13 people interfered in the US elections?! 13 against an intelligence services budget of billions? Against intelligence and counterintelligence, against the latest developments and technologies? Absurd? Yes,” Zakharova wrote in a post on Facebook.

Then again, what else could she say. – via theduran.com

The village idiots in the United States have been reduced to “Professor Fate’s”, to use an analogy from the Blake Edwards’ 1963 classic film, “The Great Race”, as perfect examples of sub-mediocrities of virtue and intelligence that we, the electorate, continue to put into office over and over and over again. (although we could only hope for someone as hilarious as Jack Lemmon up against us.)

But lest you sit back in the comfort of your recliner (with third cocktail of the evening in hand) and think your eyes deceive you and that there is no way we have such dunces running our lives here in America who are really in positions of authority over us – take a good sip of your cocktail, read and weep:

California Gov. Jerry Brown To Release 10,000 Pedophiles, Rapists From Prison – via your newswire.com

The Los Angeles Times reported that Sacramento Superior Court Judge Allen Sumner issued a preliminary order on Friday to California state prison officials which ordered them to rewrite their regulations stemming from Prop. 57. The ruling means individuals convicted of offenses such as incest, pimping minors into prostitution and possession of child pornography will soon be free to walk among the public again.

And if you might start to think independently of the mainstream media, social media and other vomit offerings of the modern propaganda machine, we have this loss of a human being there to ensure that all you believe is ONLY what they want you to believe:

Unilever Boss Demands Social Media Ban (of) Alternative Media Outlets – via yournewswire.com

The boss of advertising giant Unilever has called for an immediate ban of all independent media outlets on social media platforms.

In an unprecedented set of public demands to Google, Facebook and Twitter – Keith Weed, the chief marketing officer of Unilever, threatened to withdraw billions of dollars of advertising revenue unless they suppressed non-mainstream views.

Wsws.org reports: Weed reportedly told an annual leadership meeting of the Interactive Advertising Bureau in Palm Desert, California that the company “will not invest in platforms or environments” that “create divisions in society, and promote anger or hate.” He added,

“We will prioritize investing only in responsible platforms that are committed to creating a positive impact in society.”

Sure you will, bub…one that adheres to your vile notion of freedom of speech



Tonight’s musical offering:

A bit of departure from our typical classical or jazz music offerings – a classic from the humble and oh, so talented, Mr. Earl Sruggs – at the Camp Springs Bluegrass Festival in 1971.

“Foggy Mountain Breakdown” – Earl Scruggs

Photo credit (front page):  www.unsplash.com/@nikarthur

Photo credit: http://www.unsplash.com.@mattgyver

Photo credit:  www.minds.com.milica24



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