An Old Fashioned Kind of Freedom

It’s old fashioned. It’s outdated. It isn’t hip or trending. Your friends, relatives, odd acquaintances, co-workers, Twitter or Facebook followers or even casual hook-up partners may not initially understand.

But you’re a leading-edge kind of person.  You break the mold when it comes to setting new trends. You set new sails, break new ground and discover new paths that others fear to even consider. At least, that is what you tell your friends, or think of yourself as you drift off to sleep after a nice “edible”, or an unproductive night of “swiping right” with no drooling interests readily at hand.

A life of having deep, personal knowledge of everyone’s hour by hour isn’t much of a life and can be stopped quickly. How? Stop, right now – cold-turkey, with the social media horseshit and try your hand at a more respectable form of communication, one that doesn’t involve the degradation of texting, tweeting, Face-booking one’s next anticipated bowel movement.  Stop the lunacy of allowing the personalized angst of every waking moment from the aforementioned friends, loved ones, and future sex partners to determine where your mind and thoughts are directed hour by hour.

Start a new trend towards decency, kindness, and respect.

Imagine – a phone call, or maybe an email or even better, a hand-written letter received from one who is interested with finding out how you’re doing, rather than sending you a mind-numbing text, Tweet or Facebook post inclusive only of their own cosmic variety of dung.

Save the “smartphones” for emergencies or when traveling. Land lines, with caller ID, are marvelous. You quickly know who is attempting to bother you – you don’t have to read a text, look at some brain-cell killing tweets or even worse, check in with Facebook to see the latest, mostly made-up idiocy from your pals that, when viewing their peculiar nuttiness in the privacy of your home, has you rolling your eyes, looking for the ice-pick to either jam into your smartphone, computer, or after a few cocktails, into your ear!

You look at the Caller ID, and quickly surmise if this a call from a relative, loved one or friend who needs your immediate and undivided attention. Most times, it doesn’t. But if it does – you are genuinely interested and readily available.


Think of what this new-found freedom will bring you.  No longer bound to others adolescent cries for understanding how their lives took yet another turn for the worse, in just the past hour, you can use your newfound freedom to enrich your life, and probably many others’ lives as well.

Hobbies can be explored. History can be studied. Your love of music, of poetry, of the classics – all that you’ve been a bit timid in admitting an interest in, can be explored without interruption.

You might have a penchant for becoming an actor/actress, you might want to study botany, you might want to know how in the hell can any musician in a symphony or jazz ensemble do what they do. Maybe studying herbs and natural health to improve your health and the health of your loved ones is your thing. You can even go to the library and read, God forbid, books, or just bask in some uninterrupted time of solace and quiet, and discover someone well worth discovering – YOU!  The possibilities of attaining knowledge and wisdom along life’s journey have just increased dramatically.

Maybe a quiet afternoon of a walk in the park, a visit to the church or place of worship of your choice – even teaching yourself something new can be properly explored. No, you don’t need to go to college and have some over-rated mensa of a teacher attempt to give their version of all that isn’t – you can teach yourself all that is – God gave you a brain for a purpose – teach yourself!

The flip-side of not becoming master of your own universe, so to speak, is to be left with Twitter, Facebook, even the mainstream media, and their version of how THEY want to you think – with their sick and distorted version of the reality they want you to believe in:

Facebook begins to rank news outlets, promoting “reputable” sources to users – via

Facebook announced today they will start ranking US news outlets and promote news from “reputable” outlets.

And some more choice social media guano…

Twitter send users bizarre email on secret “Russian Influence” within the platform – via

Screenshot of the email below…


Ah yes, that’s the game – they censor…but you can believe them!  What an absolute barrel-full of horseshit.

An ocean of knowledge awaits you outside texts, Tweets and Facebook posts.  In truth, what is outside their “domain” is YOU.  Discover yourself!

And when kindness, a quiet respect for not only yourself but others as well is allowed to set in a bit…pick up your land line and call a loved one, or take pen to paper and write them. Inquire into their well-being and lives. Have a one-on-one conversation. Engage personally. It will not only make their day, but yours as well.

“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.”
― Albert Einstein


Tonight’s musical offering:

Gioacchino Rossini – Semiramide – Overture

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  1. OMG, I got the Twitter email too. It was the funniest thing ever. Considering my often pro-Russian stance (I’m not reflexively pro-Russian or anti-Russian because I actually research issues and think for myself, which is something people nowadays don’t seem to do!), I wouldn’t be surprised if Twitter considered me one of those big bad Russian accounts. 😀

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