A Taught Ignorance

If you like to write everyday as this writer does and you publish what you write, you quickly come to an understanding that few people actually read what you write (thank you, to those few of you who do read what is written here) and you start to think that you do indeed, live in a vacuum.

It’s not only that you question the meanderings of the few coherent thoughts you might stumble upon every so often, you question nearly everything that pops into your head, wondering, am I really this far removed from the “mainstream” for thinking this way?

The answer appears to be “yes”.  Just a couple of examples:

Classical music is not loved the way I (and some, though certainly not many) love it. Yes, there is no accounting for taste but “taste” for many is the ugliness they’ve been spoon-fed from “Day 1”.  Think of the minuscule amount, if any, that you as a child, or the children of today are taught, or just even introduced to when it comes to the arts and you’ll catch my drift here.  In its most simplest of terms, the “taught ignorance” of today (and past “today’s”) does not promote acquiring a taste for beauty nor an attraction to the truth.

Present day lies are fostered and few know, or care, of the potential devastation such lies can produce. (The US ‘Betrayed’ Russia, but It Is Not ‘News That’s Fit to Print’ – via theNation.com – as an example.)

Sarah DerrittAside from nature, and the few beautiful hearts and souls existing here and there, beauty and truth are nearly impossible to find. If this is somewhat distasteful to your palate, check in with the headlines, news stories, national or local “news”, god-awful entertainment offerings in all their gloriously ugly presentations or just walk the streets and observe – it’s easy to see.

Relationships between the sexes, between races, between countries are being bastardized to keep us at others’ throats.

Right, Left, Center, Progressive, Liberal, Conservative, Alt-right, Alt-left, Alt-human…who can keep up with varied pigeon holes the monsters of the government, media and deep state concoct…all to keep the hate festering.

The mainstream media, an off-shoot of the government, would have us believing in every strange brew of reality they set in motion to keep their power, to keep us fearing, to keep us believing in the well of bullshit they concoct each and every day.

The “good” which is still out there is methodically being extinguished. Whether it be common sense, love of beauty, of the arts, of learning, of knowledge, of history, of each other, and love of the truth – it’s systematically being replaced with the ugly, the murderous and insane. Rather than pursing excellence in whatever one might endeavor toward, in its place the uncommonly ugly, the mundane, the outright hideous and in most cases, absolute lies of history and current affairs have been fostered by demons of the past, and continues with their present-day lineage.

If one pulls their minds out of the matrix just a little, far away from the school books, authoritarians and officials, college and universities’ propaganda, “official” stories from the government and mainstream media’s tower of guano, one quickly sees how much humanity has been led to destroy each other at the direction of a few deranged and demented beasts that profit from continued hatred, wars, fear and lies.

For most – if left to live life without constant intrusions, directives, mandates, bogus laws, calls for annihilation of their neighbors, whether next door or in far away lands from the powers who shouldn’t be – would they choose such division, ugliness and hatred that is offered to them each day? Or would it be more of “live and let live”? It appears we’ve never been given the chance.

“Nothing in all the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.


Tonight’s musical offering:

G. F. Handel ★ Sarabande

National Philarmonica Orchestra diretta da Leonard Rosenman ~ Le immagini sono tratte dal film “Barry Lyndon” ( 1975 ) di Stanley Kubrick.

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com/@loganadermatt

Photo credit:  with permission – Sarah Derritt Photography




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