“Ladies and Gentlemen” No Longer Applies

Ah – good ole’ days gone by  – when women and men could be called women and men.  When one addressed as “sir” or “madam”, wasn’t taken as a call to arms.

The circus in America continues to expand its three rings into every nook and cranny, where even a subway ride will not allow you to escape the ever-present monotonous drone of group-think.

New York subway ditches ‘ladies and gentlemen’ for gender neutral announcements – via RT.com

New York City’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority is replacing all “ladies and gentleman” references in its announcements with gender-neutral phrases.

Passengers on New York’s subway and buses will now hear terms such as “passengers,”“everyone,” and “riders” in announcements and pre-recorded messages.

Workers, Slaves, Passengers or just Everyone – government and media continue its’ push to make every facet of life into an Orwellian neutral worldview where one day people will wake up, look in the mirror and not have a frickin’ clue of who they are.


Brain-washed by an educational system to believe only what they’ve been taught, re-enforced by a media that pushes conformity to the rot they peddle, there is little curiosity left anymore for most people to look outside themselves – to look outside the “likes” given by drive-by viewers of whatever post to their social media account. Not being the most popular kid in high school still haunts most folks, rather than being true to yourself and the gifts you have to give to society.



“We’re fundamentally changing the way we talk with riders to give them better and clearer information,” MTA spokesperson Jon Weinstein told WCBS.

Choice Grade A Guano.

But most people will buy it with their drive-by viewing of life.  People are becoming incapable of recognizing their capabilities, and thus only capable of being incapable of being much of anything more than an extension of the computer they hold in their hands 24/7, or what they are programmed to be via main stream media programming.

Men, women, children, boys, girls – outdated uses of nouns as declared by criminals of a  government that wants to limit one’s ability to recognize who they already are in an “enlightened” modern era – with the government and media peddling some sort of strange fantasy where if you ignore you and listen to them – you can become the accepted “norm” which is part of them.

“Resist”! – but IF it’s only political ideologies or politicians we resist, and not the suffocating horseshit du’ jour from all modern day nonsense, will we be able to recognize who we are and the unique talents and abilities we have to make the world a better place?

But not to worry about looking into the mirror in the future to get a look at who you are – the government will handle that chore.

TSA Plans to Use Facial Recognition to Track American in US Airports – via antimedia.org

The TSA is moving forward with plans to gradually implement facial recognition and other biometric data into screenings at the airport. The agency began testing out the methods, which also include iris scans and fingerprints, on enrollees in their PreCheck program at two airports this summer. On November 1, they announced plans to expand the program.

EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation), which is urging people to email their senators, summarized the threat:

All Americans should be concerned about these proposals because the data collected—your fingerprint, the image of your face, and the scan of your iris—will be stored in FBI and DHS databases and will be searched again and again for immigration, law enforcement, and intelligence checks, including checks against latent prints associated with unsolved crimes.”

That creates a risk that individuals will be implicated for crimes and immigration violations they didn’t commit. These systems are notoriously inaccurate and contain out-of-date information, which poses a risk to all Americans. However, due to the fact that immigrants and people of color are disproportionately represented in criminal and immigration databases, and that face recognition systems are less capable of identifying people of color, women, and young people, the weight of these inaccuracies will fall disproportionately on them.

Perhaps we deserve all this…for really, in the modern era, “ladies and gentlemen” no longer applies.




For one who looked outside of himself, yet gathered the creativity within himself to give to others, all the while suffering from deafness – we provide the following stunning brilliance ~







Beethoven: Symphony No. 7 – Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Iván Fischer (2nd Movement)

Photo credit (front page): http://www.unsplash.com@photofil

Photo credit:  http://www.unsplash.com/@evan_bray

Photo credit (Beethoven):Joseph Willibrord Mähler [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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