House & Senate Take a Break from Doing Nothing to Piss Russia Off Further and Kick Itself in the Ass

How Does a Country Kick Itself in the Ass?  Washington Provides the Blueprint.

The US House of Representatives and Senate approved a sanctions bill that would impose sweeping sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea, and limit President Donald Trump’s ability to lift the restrictions on Moscow. The measures target Russia’s defense, intelligence, mining, shipping and railway industries, and restrict dealings with Russian banks and energy companies. via

Fresh turds from Washington’s band of tricksters who evidently think that continuing to provoke another country with a nuclear arsenal that rivals and possibly surpasses the United States 1970’s nuclear defense operating system, with its continuing use of 8 inch floppy disks is, in the words of Martha Stewart – “a good thing”.

Arizona’s prized warmonger, John McCain, said before the Senate vote, “The United States of America must send a powerful signal (to) Vladimir Putin that we will not tolerate attacks on our democracy.” Nice going Senator – exactly what proven attacks are you talking about?

Russia’s response to Washington’s continued insanity:

“What is happening defies common sense,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov said. “The authors and sponsors of this bill are taking a very serious step towards destroying any potential for normalizing relations with Russia.” He added, “We told them [US] dozens of times that such actions would not be left without a response. I believe the signal went through even though present-day Washington tends to listen to and hear from no one but itself.”

10_-_hands_shaking_with_euro_bank_notes_inside_handshake_-_royalty_free,_without_copyright,_public_domain_photo_image_01What Mr. Ryabkov apparently doesn’t understand, or is just too much of a gentleman or diplomat to say out loud is that about everything the U.S. does these days defies common sense. Normalizing relations with Russia?  That doesn’t quite fit in with Washington’s carnival of ideas where the Department of Defense gets over $600 Billion budgeted to them for their activities associated with regime change, interference, and occupation of sovereign countries, while the myriad of problems that Americans face at home from a corrupt and out-of-control government continue to multiply and continue to be ignored.

“It’s impossible to endlessly tolerate this kind of insolence towards our country,” Putin said, referring to the sanctions. “This practice is unacceptable – it destroys international relations and international law.”

Mr. Putin must surely realize by now that Washington could care less about international law or any kind of working relationship.

The EU has also voiced its displeasure with Washington’s arrogance, as the sanctions tell the EU how to conduct their business – something Washington loves to do.

Germany and Austria on Thursday hit back at proposed U.S. sanctions that would threaten European companies participating in the Nord Stream 2 pipeline project, accusing the U.S. of politicizing its economic interest in selling natural gas to Europe.

“To threaten companies from Germany, Austria and other European states with penalties on the U.S. market if they participate in natural gas projects such as Nord Stream 2 with Russia or finance them introduces a completely new and very negative quality into European-American relations,” they said.

The yellow brick road to war is typically laced with demonizations of the country they seek to destroy, or at very least coldheartedly send sons and daughters (not theirs, of course) to fight and die for.

Before any war, the state always embarks on an outlandish campaign to demonize the target in the eyes of the people. One logical conclusion to be drawn from the incessant array of anti-Russian propaganda that has been promulgated by the West in recent years, is that it is designed to inculcate in the minds of the western public that Russia is the enemy, in preparation for a future war. – by Stephen MacMillian, via

512px-Vladimir_Putin_20090128_2The entire Washington narrative of election interference by Russia is nothing more than a rouse to deter the glances and inquisitive eyes away from Washington’s crimes, pay-offs, double dealings and havoc they continue to cast upon America – along with keeping perpetual war upon us. Call it the “deep state” or whatever one wants to call it but Washington is a cancer. It indeed defies common sense that you have a government who, by its words and actions, admonishes and works against cooperation, peace and trade with other countries.

As Paris-based journalist and historian Diana Johnstone told Dennis Bernstein at in a recent interview:

DB: Give us your analysis of this Russia-gate madness.

DJ: Well, I am not a psychiatrist, but seen from over here in Europe, it’s unbelievable. I just saw Tucker Carlson’s interview with Max Boot on Fox News. This raving maniac on foreign affairs is on the Council of Foreign Relations, when he ought to be undergoing psychiatric treatment.

Of course, the Clinton machine has taken over the Democratic Party and made it into the War Party. What in the world is wrong with people talking to members of another country? The whole idea that it is something traitorous to talk to Russians is completely insane. At every time in history, even when governments were actually at war with each other, they had some sort of contact, just for simple intelligence reasons.

To try to criminalize and ban any contact at a more or less official level with the Russians goes beyond what is diplomatic practice even in war time. I think that the real problem in Washington is that there is a real War Party who welcome a nuclear war with Russia if that is what it takes to prevent them from becoming as strong as we are.

And how long Russia puts up with Washington’s continued arrogant shenanigans, well…we’ll leave it to Mr. Putin to provide clarity:

BREAKING! Russia will respond to rudeness of Washington douchebags! – Putin on new US sanctions – via




Photo credit: By Kiwiev (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit (Putin): By World Economic Forum Copyright by World Economic Forum Photo by Remy Steinegger [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons




  1. Sheesh–when you keep poking a bear in the behind and hear growling, don’t be surprised when in the next moment, your eyes see nothing but fur and sharp teeth. I usually hear Dump described as an “isolationist”, but I think it’s more he’s like the petulant child, annoyed that he has to share the daycare’s toy box with other kids. His casual flippancy regarding other world powers scares me. This isn’t the late 1940’s when we had the best upper hand in our history–but many in the re-trenched swamp haven’t gotten the memo.

    I used to hear people tell me during the campaign that they liked Dump because, unlike the others, he couldn’t be bought because he had so much money. They didn’t say anything when I always responded: “He’s too used to doing the buying. What happens when somebody says ‘no’?”

    And from what little I’ve seen, Dump doesn’t give an adult response…ugh.


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