RT Editor-in-Chief Tells it Like it Is

Small minds of the mainstream media, along with coherent-thought-challenged Senators here in the States are concerned with Trump’s meeting with Vladimir Putin at the upcoming G20 Summit in Germany.

From MSN.com

Allegations of Russian meddling in last year’s U.S. election have alarmed both Republican and Democratic lawmakers, who are pushing to extend tough sanctions placed on Russia following its 2014 annexation of Crimea, a peninsula belonging to Ukraine.

Lawmakers including Republican Senator Cory Gardner are also concerned Russia has prolonged the civil war in Syria by backing its President Bashar al-Assad, a strongman whose forces have used chemical weapons against insurgents and civilians. The chaos has fueled instability in the region and a flood of migrants to Europe.

“President (Trump) needs to make it clear that the continued aggression by Russia around the globe … is unacceptable, and that they will be held accountable,” said Gardner, who was among six lawmakers invited by the White House last month to discuss foreign policy with Trump over dinner.

Repeat the lies and add new layers of horseshit each day and you’ll have a barn full of sheep who will follow their stench to the fields of death that these charlatans continue to set up.



In stark contrast to Western idiocy and propaganda, consider the following remarks made by RT Editor-in-Chief, Margarita Semonyan, at the Russian – Chinese Media Conference, held in the Kremlin on July 4th 2017 where the two countries officially opened the launching of a new Russian TV channel in China – “Katyusha”, as well as having signed 18 cooperation agreements between the media representatives of the two states.






“Not one war in recent times has begun without the immense support of the world’s media, not one battle has taken place without the prior bombardment of TV, newspapers, radio and online resources. The media can change a peoples’ fate and it can make a rather insignificant human being, such as Barack Obama, a hero of the generation.  And vice versa, the hero of a generation, such as Julian Assange, is rejected and marginalized.

…Fake news has become the norm, millions of people believe them who are used to trusting big names in media.  Blatant lies which used to be the prerogative of tabloid outlets, have now been adopted by well respected media outlets. From there, the words are transferred to the mouths of global leaders. This is convenient for all – the media who does this, and the leaders who partake.”

If the U.S. mainstream media had even one editor-in-chief such as Ms. Semonyan, battles and wars might not be as commonplace as they are today, as the regime change, war and destructive policies set by Washington would be given the full light of the day. They might actually be held accountable. But given that 6 corporations control 90% of the media “programming” that Americans are fed each day, chances are slim that an awakening of significance will occur to save this country from more battles and wars these politicians and “officials” dream up.

Western media rejects truth and continues on with Washington’s propaganda for more strife, more wars and more loss of human life. Those of us here in the West, and all who seek the truth, have to look RT and other outlets that dare to tell the truth and are fearless in pursuing it.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts concludes in one of his recent articles:

What Planet Earth, and the creatures thereon, need more than anything is leaders in the West who are intelligent, who have a moral conscience, who respect truth, and who are capable of understanding the limits to their power.

But the Western World has no such people.

The full video of Ms. Semonyan’s remarks can be viewed below.

via Inessa S 


  1. It’s after reading posts like this that I’m so glad I basically don’t watch/read the news anymore. And the rare times I do, I go to Russian sites or small, not-so-well-known sites in English.


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