Resisting “the Business”

“This complete utter and total connection between perception and experience is understood by that hidden hand, and that’s why the human mind is bombarded 24/7 with downloads of perception.” ~David Icke

Those of us who are pet owners, we won’t hesitate to correct their behavior when they’re blatantly giving us or someone else – the business.  Henry - yum, yumTake Henry, for example, our resident canine extraordinaire here at the Asylum.  He takes special delight in “crotch-butting” any and all who come through the front door of the Asylum, including those who live here. One enters the front door and there Henry waits, greeting you with a semi-forceful nudge in the crotch upon your entry. It’s his way of saying “hello, come on in and have a Vodka and Kombucha over ice with any of the nut jobs who live here” – harmless yet embarrassing. We’ve tried everything we can think of to cure him of his special greeting – alas, though it has calmed down a bit (he’s only 1 year old) the behavior is still there. But we continue to “discipline” him as best we can.

Those of  you who have children and aren’t raising them to be completely ill-equipped to deal with the world when they’ve finished their educational indoctrination – your children are disciplined when they misbehave. When we are ripped off by some well meaning con-artist, we’ll do about anything necessary to rectify the infraction. A lying, cheating spouse may get away with it for a short spell, but once the deed is uncloaked, there will be hell to pay.  In short, most of us won’t take an inordinate amount of BS directed at us personally.

But when it comes to the horseshit that comes through the propaganda box, we bow down, quietly acquiesce and yet wonder what in the hell is going on with the world!

televisionWe are inundated with absolute horseshit 24/7, by a lying, manipulative establishment press. It comes in as many forms as there are blades of grass. Left versus right, government lies and cover-ups, Russia-gate, the war on terror, Hollywood morons, and from the most choice of all hellions – the politicians. Their special blend of horseshit is endlessly shoveled down our throats.




…In order to create and maintain the culture of top-down rule, it is mandatory that the populace suffers interminable disunity, widespread apathy, infighting and senseless division. This is fomented by the mainline media’s assistance in the destruction of the individual; for our own self-destruction is the most economical solution for the elite in their quest to destroy us.

When so much of the information we intake is controlled by so few organizations, and the messages we most receive combine to transform us into dis-empowered non-actors in a world being taken over by untouchable global powers, we can safely call it a conspiracy.

The solution, of course, requires us to tune out of corporate media and engage self-education, self-knowledge and in participation in community.


We don’t want to believe the “elephant in the room”.  We’re busy, we have lives, we just want to be left alone and live our lives as we see fit.  But that isn’t allowed.

As Dr. Paul Craig Roberts writes

There are two serious implications of this media deception. One is that Americans and the world are blinded to the fact that there are power centers that constrain a president and are capable of substituting their agendas for the agendas on which the president campaigned. We saw this with Obama, but were given the explanation that Obama never meant it in the first place. Now we will get the same explanation of Trump. The fact that the president is constrained by the military/security complex and the financial sector will not come through. Thus, The Matrix’s myth of democracy bringing change via elections will continue to blind people to reality.

This is just one example of The Matrix that pushes “disunity, widespread apathy, infighting and senseless division”.

This writer is 61 years old.  I’ve tasted conservatism, liberalism and libertarianism.  I’ve observed and listened to anarchists, revolutionary types, SJW’s, die-hard atheists, religious priests, preachers and rabbi’s and studied (some more than others) about every kind of “ism” or belief one can have.  There are just a couple of things I’m sure about. “There is a God, and, I’m not Him” to borrow from the 1993 movie “Rudy”, and that there is a kind of insanity being pushed that will take all of us down if left unchecked.

The majority of us are not evil.  And as such, it’s difficult for us to fathom that evil does exist.  It isn’t the liberal next door, or the conservative at work – it’s The Matrix, the “deep state”, the 1% of the one per centers, whatever one wants to call them that pushes their evil, relentlessly pushes their agenda of disunity, apathy and division – and they could give a hoot if you’re Republican, Democrat, or anything in between.

Consider the endless wars, the money (our tax dollars) spent on a hyped-up congressional investigations. Consider a pharmaceutical industry that lobbies endlessly with their false claims; or corporations that puts profits over workers year after year after year. Consider the corruption in our government and what that corruption has wrought –  not just for us here in the States but for nations leveled due to our governments’ regime change and nation building programs. And then consider the trashing of the planet, the money spent on wars, on failed programs, on worthless studies that could be spent to feed our hungry, home our homeless and take care of our sick. Consider what could be done that isn’t being done and all that has been done that should have never been done.

trump-2019483_640I’ve seen the bumper sticker “RESIST”.  I have an inkling what its pushing – resistance to the current president. All well and good if one doesn’t agree with his policies. But we’re missing the boat if we think it’s just Trump – it isn’t. It’s the entire heap of horseshit we should be resisting. It didn’t just start with this president. It’s been going on for years.




I came across an article written by John W. Whitehead, founder and president of the Rutherford Institute.

The article is entitled: YOU ARE THE TRUE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY: A GRADUATION MESSAGE FOR A TYRANNICAL AGE.  It is an honest assessment of where we are, and more importantly, what each of us can do to resist all forms of tyranny.  It is tremendous and well worth the read.

“For, in the final analysis, our most basic common link is that we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s futures. And we are all mortal.”.  ~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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