Breaking: Adults Located!

Demonstrating the low levels of intelligence, education and just plain common sense needed to be a journalist in the establishment media these days, the Washington press corps digs deep into their mental abyss and comes up with this humdinger of a question for Sergey Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, during his recent visit ~

Question:  US intelligence agencies accuse Russia of interfering in the election. US President Donald Trump says it is not true. Did he give you any assurances that he does not believe Russia somehow interfered in the election campaign?

(This being about the 4th question on the issue, Lavrov responded as any sane person would when confronted with lunacy)

Sergey Lavrov:  I thought we were all grown-ups here? I never thought I would have to answer such questions, especially in the US, with your deeply rooted democratic political system.Sergey_Lavrov,_official_photo_06

President Trump said publicly a number of times what he thought about the allegations that we supposedly interfered in your domestic affairs. His public statements are sufficient for me. There is no need to tell us about this in private, secretly. We know Donald Trump’s position and that of those who try to prove otherwise. The problem is that nobody has ever uncovered a single fact, a single shred of evidence. And if you cover international affairs and life in your country, try to find out, as journalists, where those facts are.

Yes…forget any questions about the US and Russia working TOGETHER toward peace and stability in Syria/Ukraine/Iraq…no, no, no…we’re the US media and we report by writing of our obsessions day after day – no matter how nutty they are.

Unfortunately, Mr. Lavrov must have temporarily forgot, or possibly some sort of Jedi mind trick was played on him and he had a momentarily lapse, forgetting he was in Washington, D.C. – home for lunatics, charlatans, criminals, dimwits and nutjobs.  Higher thinking and common sense aren’t in practice, and in reality, probably aren’t even known in this wasteland. Real journalism from the Washington press corps? Check out the following hard-hitting piece, this from the Washington Post:

Here’s how the Russians might have snuck a recording device into the Oval Office

“…When we spoke by phone, I asked Morris to explain how he would plant a recording device in the Oval Office — and how the information would make its way back out.

“I would bring in a device roughly the size of a book of matches, very small,” he said. “It would be set up to record on audio record, audio activated. It would store that data locally. And then, within a certain amount of time and in a burst of transmission, it would transmit that to a server.”

Now that is some choice grade school reporting there! Maybe they should have also called Timmy down the street to check out how he might use his walkie-talkie to bug the WH.  And then after that they could watch the latest “Bond” movie to see what “Q” has cooked up in the way of very small recording devices, like say, one of their nose rings that they could accidentally/on purpose drop in the candy dish.

Okay dumski media types…If Trump was/is in collusion with the Russians, why in the hell would the Russians plant a bug in the Oval office? Mercy!

Meanwhile…we had the adult being, well, an adult.

Lavrov Meets Trump: Trump People Are Businessmen; Dialogue is Free From Ideological Bias, via Russia-Insider (1:13 minutes)

Warning:  For those whose heads explodes watching the POTUS speak, or just seeing him, you’ll have to endure 15 seconds of him…then Lavrov speaks.

Thank God for the adults…and here’s another adult…the envy of every hacker on this mess a planet, the menace himself, Vladimir Putin.

When confronted with idiocy, what does an adult do…he plays hockey!

You Ask Ridiculous Questions! – Putin to CBS Reporter on to Trump firing FBI Director

Photo Credit: [CC BY 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


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