The Flip Side

“There is nothing glamorous or romantic about war. It’s mostly about random pointless death and misery. “ ~  Jon Krakauer

Bombardment in Iraq’s Mosul takes heavy toll on civilians – AP

As US government officials, politicians and other assorted oddballs, along with the main stream media, continue to beat the war drums, with most assuredly 99.9% of them never experiencing the horrors of war, we thought hearing from that evil and dastardly nemesis (Russia) of those who would have the US bomb their cities and murder their citizens (not to mention the real possibility of having each of us and our loved ones subject to retaliatory engagements) might be a good thing.

Always wise to hear the other side, especially since the main stream media here in the States rarely provides anything but their agenda and propaganda. A lot of the issues/problems the world is facing is because few want to actually take the time to listen to an opposing view or to the other side.

The depraved and soulless warmongers in our government and media, with their appetite for death and destruction, seems to have no limits.

As former Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul said this past Monday:

“I think the only interest that has been involved here is to prop up the province of the military-industrial complex.”

Paul elaborates that the reason for the attack has “nothing to do” with concern about the Syria government’s purported use of chemical weapons to kill innocent people, given that the US has long been, and continues to be, in the practice of killing innocent people.

So, without further writing – a bit of the flip side:

“In this clip, Maria Zakharova, Foreign Affairs Spokesperson, remains her pragmatic self in her stance on illegal US actions. Most notably, she claims that one of the components to the recent attack on Syria by the US, is to mask the humanitarian disaster that is Mosul, under a US-led counter-terrorism operation. Lavrov, Russia’s Foreign Affairs Minister – he reminds Tillerson that he does not dance with boys!”  Inessa S – YouTube


Idlib ‘chemical attack’ was a false flag, more false flags to come! – Putin on Syria  – Russia-Insider  YouTube

Photo Credit:  By Petar Milošević [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

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