Nap Time

From, comes the following:

Southern Illinois University will soon host a month-long series of “nap-ins” to help guide students on their “internal journey to diversity.”
There will be four two-hour nap sessions offered, after which students will be able to share their dreams on a fabric scroll intended as “a metaphor for the general path to diversity.”

An “internal journey to diversity”.  Hmm, sounds fascinating.  But having no idea of what is taught in college these days, we here at the Asylum had to consult with our Dean of University Studies, living in his own make-believe world here at the Asylum, distinguished Professor of Hodgepodge, Dr. Thomas A. Renderwunder for guidance on this burgeoning development.

Dr. Renderwunder

“This is a grand thing,” Dr. Renderwunder began, as we jostled him from his 2 hour morning nap.   “A funny anecdote – I remember back when I was teaching – I had students who would regularly doze off.  Of course, we didn’t have anything quite as forward-thinking as nap-ins back then.”  Funny indeed, as the good doctor never taught a single class.

“This program has nothing but upside to it,” he continued, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Why, think of what it encourages. A sharing of dreams – on a fabric scroll, no less. Quite like the Dead Sea Scrolls – there for all generations to ponder upon. Imagine what these students might write.  Even if they don’t dream during their naps, why…I’m sure they’ll be encouraged to scroll what they intended to dream. As you know, it’s the intention that really counts. I rather imagine reading deep thoughts of the lives they envision as doctors, some as tech wizards, some as professors, such as myself, and even some as politicians.  I even read that some colleges came up with the idea to offer kittens, puppies and coloring books for, um, students who might be a little out-of-sorts. That idea was first a dream.  How wonderful!”

“People forget we are still working for equality,” Nicole Tabor, graduate assistant coordinator of the center declared. “It might never happen if we stop fighting.”

“And that’s exactly the spirit I’m talking about,” the good doctor said after hearing the above quote.  “Students can’t stop fighting.  And sleep, especially in the classrooms, is something worthy of the fight.  Dreams happen and dreams can become reality. It’s actually quite brazen to expect students these days to apply themselves in the real world. They’re entitled to whatever world they can dream up.  And isn’t that what we’ve been imparting to young people for years now?  Obama_and_Biden_await_updates_on_bin_LadenThe right to have whatever they dream about.  Who knows, one might even dream of becoming president of the United States or even grand actors of the stage or screen.”

When we asked him what actors he was referring to, he pointed to the framed picture on the wall and said with a smile, “yes, indeed – the finest actors the world has ever seen,” nodding off for his second nap of the morning.

And to celebrate that “fighting” spirit, we here at the Asylum send along the following song about a good fight, about the fighting spirit, (from what we can tell reading the lyrics – but no matter, we just dig the song and talent) from a culture different than ours, and certainly different from the culture college students experience today. Yes…diversity is a good thing!  (When it’s real diversity, as opposed to the diversity we’re told to aspire to.  It’s a big world out there, with thousands of different cultures to celebrate.)

Отава Ё – Сумецкая (русские частушки под драку) Otava Yo – Russian couplets while fighting

Photo credit (front page):  By D. Sharon Pruitt, owner of Pink Sherbet Photography Official Website, Contact Email, Pink Sherbet Photography from Utah, USA (Free College Pathology Student Sleeping) [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Photo credit: Pete Souza [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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