It’s Always Something

One wakes up in the West, fortunate to have a roof overhead, heat, stove and something to eat compared to areas in the East that have been laid to waste by the “deep state”, “shadow government”, or as we here at the Asylum like to call them…Assholes.

One might fire up the Internet first thing in the morning, turn on the propaganda programming box, check one’s mobile tracking device, or even sometimes just look in the mirror to find the latest horror one has to deal with: – 3/5/2017 by Arlene Washington

Barbra Streisand Tweets That Trump Is Making Her Gain Weight:

“Donald Trump is making me gain weight. I start the day with liquids, but after the morning news, I eat pancakes smothered in maple syrup!”

Barbra_Streisand_at_Health_Matters_ConferenceSadly, memorizing all those script lines, lyrics and songs that Ms. Streisand sang quite beautifully throughout the years must have put a strain on the Frontal lobe in her brain as, apparently, she’s failed to understand that it just might be the food she’s eating every morning that’s contributing to the added poundage.

We might be able to sympathize a bit given the hysteria that the morning, afternoon, late afternoon, evening and nightly news spews out every day, but understanding that there are people in far away lands, out of sight and rarely reported on who have to walk miles each day for water (not to mention the countries that have been bombed into oblivion) it’s hard to get worked up over her pancakes and maple syrup plight. There’s also this thing called the on/off button on the remote that we assume is at hand.

But there may be hope for Ms. Streisand. Mr. Trump reportedly helped a former Miss USA enter rehab for cocaine addiction, giving her a second chance. Perhaps the same compassion can be extended to Ms. Streisand, with help provided in getting her to the nearest pancake and maple syrup addiction facility.

If she only would have blamed the Russians, we could have believed her!


And then if you’re with the CIA, or are any of pundits, politicians and other assorted wacko’s who’ve bemoaned and bewailed, arms flailing about, foaming at the mouth and demonstrating other unappealing motor skills – lying with that wild-eyed gleam in the eyes that the CIA or NSA would never, ever – not in a million years – spy, listen, hack into your smart phones, TV’s, computers – never, ever, ever would listen to a president’s conversation- you wake up to find that Wikileaks just ruined your day…

Vault 7: CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

Your Whole Life is Hacked –  – Wikileaks Dump Shows CIA Could Turn Smart TV’s Into Listening Devices

WikiLeaks claims CIA targeted iPhones, Microsoft and turned Samsung TVs into microphones in global hacking program me –

Wikileaks Unveils ‘Vault 7’: “The Largest Ever Publication Of Confidential CIA Documents”; Another Snowden Emerges –

“With UMBRAGE and related projects the CIA cannot only increase its total number of attack types but also misdirect attribution by leaving behind the “fingerprints” of the groups that the attack techniques were stolen from. UMBRAGE components cover keyloggers, password collection, webcam capture, data destruction, persistence, privilege escalation, stealth, anti-virus (PSP) avoidance and survey techniques.”

As Kim Dotcom summarizes this finding, “CIA uses techniques to make cyber attacks look like they originated from enemy state. It turns DNC/Russia hack allegation by CIA into a JOKE”


And from…

Encryption apps rendered obsolete by CIA “zero day” exploits

In what will surely be a shock to nearly everyone, the CIA also developed 24 “weaponized” exploits for Android devices that allow it to completely bypass the encryption of popular apps:

These techniques permit the CIA to bypass the encryption of WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram, Wiebo, Confide and Cloackman by hacking the “smart” phones that they run on and collecting audio and message traffic before encryption is applied.

In addition, the Vault 7 documents contained over 22,000 routable IP addresses in the United States that were redacted before final release. These IP addresses are believed to correspond to CIA targets, CIA listening post servers and test systems. This means there’s no question whatsoever that the CIA was deploying this technology inside the United States to spy on Americans.


But why worry, the Huffington Post found some guy to tell us to take it all with a grain of salt...

Matt Blaze, a computer scientist and cryptography researcher, encouraged everyone to take today’s news with a grain of salt.

“Large software systems often have exploitable bugs, as everyone already knew,” Blaze wrote on Twitter. “The trove released today seems to be mostly about exploiting platforms.”

“The bad news is that platform exploits are very powerful,” he added. “The good news is that they have to target you in order to read your messages. These kinds of exploits don’t just let them read everyone’s traffic over the ‘net at the push of a button.”

The most effective way to protect yourself, said Blaze, is to stay on top of the “boring stuff,” like promptly installing software updates and steering clear of unneeded apps. Again, if you’re a CIA target, then maybe it should cause concern.

Whew!  Thank God HuffPo came to the rescue. We were starting to get concerned there for a bit.

Now we can all just go back to doing this…Bury_your_head_in_the_sand









There WERE weapons of mass destruction; Donald Trump is an idiot; the Russians stole the election; If you like your doctor, you can keep him;  the Gulf of Tonkin incident was a fable;  the Tuskegee syphilis experiment really didn’t happen; our government is God – that should about cover it!


Photo credit (front page): By Christian Mehlführer, User:Chmehl (Own work) [CC BY 2.5 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Photo credit:  By lifescript [CC BY 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


Photo credit: By Sander van der Wel from Netherlands (Bury your head in the sand…) [CC BY-SA 2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


  1. As always. thoughtful and well-researched! I’ll happily blame the President for what he is responsible for, but if my reaction to his actions causes me to gain weight, I’ll be sure to hold myself responsible.

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  2. I gave up on television a long, long time ago. And last year’s 2016 election fiasco only reinforced my decision not to support the mainstream media. The icing on the cake was when celebrities tried to bribe members of the electoral college. Ridiculous.


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