Tapped Out

People can foresee the future only when it coincides with their own wishes, and the most grossly obvious facts can be ignored when they are unwelcome... ~ George Orwell

As America continues on down the road toward self-implosion, it’s hard to find sanity, actually, it’s difficult to find many who even care of the pending implosion. But forging on with news that doesn’t consist of bad late night TV “comedy” skits or local news programs about the agonizing problems Americans face with what to do with those stray socks (yes – that was an actual segment on a local news channel today) we send out the following:

Consider the latest insanity of our government: The NSA, CIA, and other XYZ agencies of the government “bug” Trump Towers (for too many reasons to list here. If you want a good breakdown of the latest criminal activity, you can get one here.) Said agencies also just happened to know the conversation between Trump and the Australian prime minister and Mexico President and of the conversation between Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.  Busy times for government “tapping” agencies.

this_phone_is_tappedPolitico’s are having meltdowns because Trump officials talk to Russian officials.  Oh my God! What the hell is going on here?  Talking to other countries – we can’t have that. Yet these same politico’s have at one time or another during their government jobs of fleecing the American people, met with officials from Russia, from China, from Timbuktu, and who knows of other alien nations these nut-jobs have met with.

Yet all this shouldn’t come as a surprise.  For years, the NSA has been keeping records of the boring phone conversations and texts of extraordinary folks like you and me:


The government claims that under Section 215 it may seize all of our phone call information now because it might conceivably be relevant to an investigation at some later date, even if there is no particular reason to believe that any but a tiny fraction of the data collected might possibly be suspicious. That is a shockingly flimsy argument — any data might be “relevant” to an investigation eventually, if by “eventually” you mean “sometime before the end of time.” If all data is “relevant,” it makes a mockery of the already shaky concept of relevance.

and concluding from the same piece:

“We may never know all the details of the mass surveillance programs, but we know this: The administration has justified them through abuse of language, intentional evasion of statutory protections, secret, unreviewable investigative procedures and constitutional arguments that make a mockery of the government’s professed concern with protecting Americans’ privacy. It’s time to call the N.S.A.’s mass surveillance programs what they are: criminal.”

It is indeed criminal.  But do most Americans give a shit…no!  Of much more interest seems to be the inane and trivial – texts, tweets, selfie’s, sports, entertainment – diverting the public’s attention with tricks the right hand of the “shadow” government and its’ accomplices in the media perform, while the left hand goes about its’ business of orchestrating chaos and destruction, pitting one group against another, dividing Americans as best they can on every issue imaginable.

Meanwhile…in another country far away from the childishness found here in the States…horrific issues exist:

‘They destroyed our homes, injured our kids’: Sanaa residents speak of horror of Saudi bombings – RT.com

Since March 2015, when Riyadh sent its troops to prop up a pro-Saudi president ousted by rebel forces, an estimated 10,200 people have been killed in Yemen fighting. Up to three million were displaced, bringing the already-destitute Arab country to the brink of a humanitarian disaster.

Civilians in Yemen are suffering from a lack of basic supplies, including food, medicine, and fuel, partially due to a Saudi naval and air blockade. Civil rights groups say the Saudi intervention in the country may amount to war crimes.

‘Yemen War is Genocide’ – RT.com

No matter how many civilians are killed by the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen, the international community only condemns the crimes of the resistance, because they oppose Saudi Arabia, says Catherine Shakdam, Shafaqna Institute of Middle Eastern Studies.
Thousands of civilians took to the streets of Sanaa, Yemen on Friday to protest Saudi-led coalition airstrikes. With the assistance of the US and the UK, it began its intervention in Yemen in March 2015. Its aim is to suppress the Houthi uprising. Over 10,000 people have been killed since the start of the campaign, according to the UN.

The “dark state”, the “shadow government”, globalist scum or whatever endearing name one comes up with to describe the cabal within the government pushing for continual warfare, bringing along all Americans (and most likely the rest of the world) with it, is the gambit used to bring about their dream of a “unipolar” world that they and only they control.

Whether America can pull it’s head out of it’s ass in enough time to avert its’ own destruction remains to be seen. As of this writing, it looks grim. Even with our naiveté here at the Asylum, looking for the “good guy” to come along and right all the wrongs of the world – we are doubtful the corruption and out and out evil can be overcome. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and more…the blood thirst never ends for these moron’s impossible dream of power and complete control.  So, we continue to look for the truth and write about what we find, knowing that we’ll probably never have it completely – but we keep trying.

Vladimir Putin warned of this Unipolar world way back in 2007 ~ As it appears few have heeded the words of George Orwell – they have also ignored and cast as demon extraordinaire, Mr. Putin.  We leave you with his speech for you to reflect upon if you so chose.

PROPHETIC Putin’s Munich Speech from 2007: Unipolar World Will ‘Lead to Chaos’ – (tip to “Russia Insider” for video)

Photo credit:  By david drexler (Flickr) [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

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