The Walls of Tinseltown

Even though the awards ceremony of self-congratulating buffons has now come and passed, we here at the Asylum couldn’t pass on commenting upon what millions of Americans, who apparently had nothing better to do than watch Hollywood elitist types confirm their stupidity and arrongance, awarding themselves for their mediocrity, all aglow in electric hypocrisy.

With the plight of the undocumented worker, the disallowed refugee bemoaned before and after every commercial, we kept looking, but failed to see the deconstruction of the walls that Hollywood elitists surround themselves with at these functions.

No tickets for undocumented workers into this ceremony.  No entry to the before and after awards parties, no up close and personal selfie opportunities with these lecturers – yet these same hypocrites bewailed refugees’ plight, and pounded their audience with speech after speech on the plight of the undocumented worker (along with their continual and boring jabs at the POTUS) in another pure form of live, televised hypocrisy.

No invitations to refugees, no dining on champagne, the best wines, delicious foods for undocumented workers – possibly because they weren’t invited and more possibly because they were busy serving these self-gratifying no-minds.

Shockingly missing also were invitations to the refugees from these hypocritical lecturers with offers to stay a while at one of the many mansions these script memorizers live in, relieving refugees, at least for a spell, from the hardships they endure.  As with all good hypocrites – easier to scold everyone else, admonishing ordinary folks to do what they themselves won’t.

But we have to hand it to them.  They can read teleprompters, memorize script lines written by screenwriters, take direction from a film director, have their make-up applied by a make-up artist, get paid to wear gowns made by creative artisans, eat food prepared for them by outstanding chefs, have their mansions cleaned by low paid help, have their estates groomed by gardeners and landscape workers – about the only thing they seem to be able to do by themselves is lecture those who cook their meals, sew their clothes, clean their homes, tend to their gardens, allowing them to continue to lead their bon vivant lifestyles.

Although it’s too late for this awards season, no doubt there are still plenty of parties, dining festivities, strenuously deep thinking meetings taking place where blame is capiscedumped on the present administration and every other individual who doesn’t think as they do.  Maybe refugees or undocumented workers should consider hitching onto the coattails of the next Hollywood star they see or buddy up with the next protester throwing a brick throw a window on their behalf and see if they care enough to allow them entry into their lives.

Now, if only the following tune precluded the brilliance gushing forth from their hypocritical pie holes whenever the urge hits them to step onto their soap box and tell us how to think, what to believe in and how to act, at least we’d get a genuine laugh out of the gag.


Photo credit (front page):  By BDS2006 (English: I created this work entirely by myself.) [CC BY-SA 3.0 ( or GFDL (, via Wikimedia Commons

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