Take Five…or Maybe Ten

russian-girl-1848955_640It’s been a while since we heard from Overseas reporter for Dispatches from the Asylum, Ms. Ukusi Menya, former counter espionage agent with TASS News Agency/Moscow, runner-up in Ms. Moscow Pageant, and part-time director of Moscow’s Film Association of Parcel Posts (FAPP). Let’s check in…

(Editors note: As always, we appreciate your patience with Ms. Menya’s english)

Comrades!  If I listen to jokesters from main stream media, or even those of what you call alternative media types – Trump is loser, louse, vermin, homophobic, sexist, non-human, vilest, most scummy human to be born.  If you listen further to such nut-jobs, he is also excrement of cows, sheep, lizards and other earth crawling creatures. How is such things possible?  This is description of Beelzebub.  And if he were Satan – surely he would have supernatural powers to put fancy spell on mere mortals and have them thinking he was latest Hollywood star to display body parts and other perverted antics that media would be glowing for. Has American public lost complete marbles?

I cast view of alternative web sites, those who say they are of conservative slantness and please, give me another Vodka and Kombucha over ice cubes, what is their problem?  One of Trump’s guys contacts one of Putin’s guys and talks of things concerning country’s populations and media portrays it as aliens dumping universal feces in planetary skies, with world about to end.   What has happened in America?  Have GMO’s, which are outlawed here in Motherland, completely taken over abilities of American to make discerning thoughts of what is truth and what is colossal fabrications of horse nonsense?  And those alternative websites that are of liberal slantness are not only having cows over Trump, they are seemingly in need of  American doctors who prescribe chemistry concoctions to stop bleeding of eyes!  For those of us with view from Russian penthouse here at Asylum, this is absolutely hysterical nonsensical silliness.

Then we have media nut brains having cow over Trump spokesperson saying to go out and buy clothesline of Trump’s daughter at national retail chain who for some reason, suddenly decided to discontinue clothesline.  This somehow is equated to Hitler giving Nazi command to invade foreign country.  Yet it is seemingly perfectly A-Okay to have former president and congressional sell-outs telling Americans they are FORCED to buy health insurance or be fined and if not paid, then taken to local gulag for interrogation.  What has happened to your country?

America seems to relish in vermin infesting media with vile pronunciations from arrogant bullies opening mouths and showing everything they don’t know, with audience going wild because guy can use middle finger to express vacant thoughts in head, throwing out F-bombs thinking that this equals intellectual giantness. Again, what has happened to your country?

And then we have mainstream media crying like babies who lost pacifier because Trump calls on “lesser known” media outlets for their questions at recent press conference. I suppose it is considered catastrophic nightmare that your president actually thinks it is okay to call on other voices with alternating view tips that don’t go along with the lies and manipulation tactics that these dumbski’s of main stream media have been using for the last 70 years.

As our president is certainly not perfect, neither is yours. But maybe, just maybe, these two want to come together to establish relations together; to work toward peaceful relations and stop globalist’s dreams of controlling every sniffle or bathroom visit that nature calls upon. As your president has been in office less than one month, perhaps Americans, more especially, dumski politico and media types can take chill pill and remember they have parents and children especially, who will inherit what they leave. Probably better to leave them with world that gets along rather than shows them, by example, one that hates another for different views and strokes.

Or maybe Americans want to continue to put up with antics such as this…“NFL threatens to revoke state’s Super Bowl hosting privileges over restroom laws”.

Americans have lost sight of heritage, of coolness, of what made it great.  In its place are crying babies who scream they didn’t get their way and won’t stand for anything less than silliness inside their childish minds.





Perhaps lessons can be learned by listening to great American jazz masters. Many Vodka’s over Kombucha might also be needed.   We here at Asylum supply you with jazz pleasures to soothe narcissistic minds who think world is hamburger and they can have everything their way. Better to get along and allow people and nations to be ….wouldn’t you say?




Marvin Gaye “What’s Going On What’s Happening Brother”.

Dave Brubeck – Take Five

Wynton Marsalis – Take the A train

Good bye and remember as I always say… Я бу́ду борщ с больши́м коли́чеством смета́ны

(Editors note: Я бу́ду борщ с больши́м коли́чеством смета́ны translates to: I’ll take borshch with lots of sour cream)

Photo Credit of Mr. Gaye:  By Tamla (Billboard, page 1, 27 April 1974) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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  1. Lost sight of coolness!!!! Yep, Shame to those with the childish loud voices. Remember getting louder doesn’t make you any less wrong. Bring back the Cool! Love the Tunes

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