We, the 10%’ers…We Rule!

Finally, a diagram we can trust!

msm-vs-fake-news-diagramCheck out the latest from the main stream media, our heroes, telling the “dummies” what news sources they should read.  Come on, being the drones you want us to be, we already knew this – but it’s cool.  We’ve been swallowing your BS for how many years now?  How long has your “making the world an intolerable place little by little” been underway now?  You actually have to come out with a chart telling us you’re the SHIT?  What’s with you guys?  We dig it and live it, baby!

We obey, we consume, we bow down to your august personages. You and only you are the holders of truth.  How do we know – because you tell us so!  Oh, we’ve given you a pass on all those stories you faked up…I mean, you had to do it, right?  From the Walter Duranty and the Holodomor back in the 20’s through the Janet Cooke, Jayson Blair, Rathergate, Brian Williams lies and fakery…we understand.  Sometimes you just get carried away with your shit, right?cell-phone

Forget that 90% or more of the American public no longer trust you. They’re idiots, remember?  You’re playing to the 10% who still believe your bullshit.  And that’s us!  It’s cool. We get it.  We’re the “10% ers”.  We dig you telling us how to think, what’s kosher to say, what latest nonsense we should adhere to, the latest ugliness that you tell us to jive into.  We do it because we think it’s cool to be hanging with you on a sinking ship, okay? We got your back!

So, forget the 90% who seek truth outside of what you say is the truth. They’re assholes. They’re lost. You know it. We, the 10%’ers know it.  We dig the lies, the BS, the hypocrisy.  Keep on, baby!

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