Charlie Gets a New Hat and Clothes



In case you missed it, and how could you have since all the corporate media whores covered the coronation vomit fest non-stop, uninterrupted, this past weekend, but just in case you did, Charlie donned a new hat and duds to signify he is now some sort of king shit.

Inquiring minds….you know the ones, those pesky regular citizens who can’t make ends meet because of state inflicted poverty, might be wondering just how much did this vomit fest cost?

Glad you asked.

While the exact cost has yet to be confirmed, “experts are projecting a total expenditure of about 100 million pounds,” Rachel Bowie, cohost of Royally Obsessed, a Gallery Media Group podcast, tells Marie Claire. “For reference, the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 would have cost about 50 million pounds by today’s money value. Charles’ is estimated to come in at double the cost, mainly due to security needs that have significantly more requirements than seven decades ago. It’s true that the government foots the bill for an occasion like this, but the tourism boom that results should more than make up for it.” –

‘the tourism boom that results should more than make up for it.’   You know what we call that, right Buchan?


But just like the U.S., the UK has no problems and can blow a 100 million on circus acts, right?

700,000 UK Households Couldn’t Pay Rent or Mortgage in

Around 700,000 UK households couldn’t pay rent or mortgage last month, according to data issued days before another expected rise in the cost of borrowing.

According to The Guardian:

Missed housing payments were “particularly high” among renters, said Which?, the consumer body that issued the figures, affecting one in 20 tenants surveyed.

Mortgage holders’ and private renters’ finances are under more pressure, with the Bank of England widely expected to increase the cost of borrowing for households and businesses on Thursday for a 12th time in succession.

Financial markets predict a quarter-point rise to 4.5%. At the same time, average rents have soared to fresh record highs, according to data issued last month by the property website Rightmove.

Overall, an estimated 2 million households missed or defaulted on at least one mortgage, rent, loan, credit card or bill payment in April, according to the latest Which? monthly consumer insight tracker, based on an online poll of about 2,000 people.  (more)

Oh dear!

Not that Charlie could give a farthing about the unwashed. But he did get a very nice letter from Julian Assange:

The following is Julian Assange’s letter to King Charles as published by Declassified UK on 5 May 2023. –

To His Majesty King Charles III,

On the coronation of my liege, I thought it only fitting to extend a heartfelt invitation to you to commemorate this momentous occasion by visiting your very own kingdom within a kingdom: His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh.

You will no doubt recall the wise words of a renowned playwright: “The quality of mercy is not strained. It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven upon the place beneath.”

Ah, but what would that bard know of mercy faced with the reckoning at the dawn of your historic reign? After all, one can truly know the measure of a society by how it treats its prisoners, and your kingdom has surely excelled in that regard.

Your Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh is located at the prestigious address of One Western Way, London, just a short foxhunt from the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. How delightful it must be to have such an esteemed establishment bear your name.

It is here that 687 of your loyal subjects are held, supporting the United Kingdom’s record as the nation with the largest prison population in Western Europe. As your noble government has recently declared, your kingdom is currently undergoing “the biggest expansion of prison places in over a century,” with its ambitious projections showing an increase of the prison population from 82,000 to 106,000 within the next four years. Quite the legacy, indeed.

As a political prisoner, held at Your Majesty’s pleasure on behalf of an embarrassed foreign sovereign, I am honoured to reside within the walls of this world class institution. Truly, your kingdom knows no bounds.

During your visit, you will have the opportunity to feast upon the culinary delights prepared for your loyal subjects on a generous budget of two pounds per day. Savour the blended tuna heads and the ubiquitous reconstituted forms that are purportedly made from chicken. And worry not, for unlike lesser institutions such as Alcatraz or San Quentin, there is no communal dining in a mess hall. At Belmarsh, prisoners dine alone in their cells, ensuring the utmost intimacy with their meal.

Beyond the gustatory pleasures, I can assure you that Belmarsh provides ample educational opportunities for your subjects. As Proverbs 22:6 has it: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Observe the shuffling queues at the medicine hatch, where inmates gather their prescriptions, not for daily use, but for the horizon-expanding experience of a “big day out” – all at once.

You will also have the opportunity to pay your respects to my late friend Manoel Santos, a gay man facing deportation to Bolsonaro’s Brazil, who took his own life just eight yards from my cell using a crude rope fashioned from his bedsheets. His exquisite tenor voice now silenced forever.

Venture further into the depths of Belmarsh and you will find the most isolated place within its walls: Healthcare, or “Hellcare” as its inhabitants lovingly call it. Here, you will marvel at sensible rules designed for everyone’s safety, such as the prohibition of chess, whilst permitting the far less dangerous game of checkers.

Deep within Hellcare lies the most gloriously uplifting place in all of Belmarsh, nay, the whole of the United Kingdom: the sublimely named Belmarsh End of Life Suite. Listen closely, and you may hear the prisoners’ cries of “Brother, I’m going to die in here”, a testament to the quality of both life and death within your prison.

But fear not, for there is beauty to be found within these walls. Feast your eyes upon the picturesque crows nesting in the razor wire and the hundreds of hungry rats that call Belmarsh home. And if you come in the spring, you may even catch a glimpse of the ducklings laid by wayward mallards within the prison grounds. But don’t delay, for the ravenous rats ensure their lives are fleeting.

I implore you, King Charles, to visit His Majesty’s Prison Belmarsh, for it is an honour befitting a king. As you embark upon your reign, may you always remember the words of the King James Bible: “Blessed are the merciful, for they shall obtain mercy” (Matthew 5:7). And may mercy be the guiding light of your kingdom, both within and without the walls of Belmarsh.

Your most devoted subject,

Julian Assange

I’m sure Charlie will soon be sporting his new hat and clothes and make his way to Prison Belmarsh for a look-see.  Don’t you think?

King Charles GIFs | Tenor

Living amongst demons continues to be such a bummer!


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  1. The brilliantly satiric letter Julian Assange wrote to His Lowness is a tragic and true exposure of the arse’oleness of Ungreat Britain, and the suicide of Manuel Santos, as you note a gifted tenor, was heartbreaking. Charles, as you and most non-Royals know is and has always been an insufferable pompous prick.

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