A Disgusting, Deadly and Horrific Farce

If you might have harbored even the slightest fantasy that governments around the world, any government, could give a rat’s ass about its citizens, perhaps listen to just the first 15 minutes of the following podcast, where a reporter, boots on the ground, as they say, gives an account of what he witnessed in the on-going war, you know the one – sponsored by many governments.

War of the Worlds – with George Eliason and John Helmar – April 29th, 2023

(Subject at hand begins at the 1:30 mark)



If you’d like to listen to further discussion on this topic:

Sunday Wire Show – 21stcenturywire.com – April 30th, 2023

In the first hour, we’ll connect with international human rights lawyer Arnaud Develay, to discuss Ukraine and NATO’s human rights conundrum as they continue to indiscriminately target civilians in the Donbass, and the likely timeframe of inevitable end the the current phase of hostilities, as well as the prospect of an emerging multipolar world.  Discussion starts at the 33:50 mark


And if you need something to keep you from screaming at the top of your lungs after listening, as this shitposting writer does…then….

The lastest from Leonid & Friends, and just in my opinion, maybe their best to date

(headphones on and volume cranked for maximum sensory enjoyment)

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