They Really Love You!


As we all know, nothing starts the day off more properly than a good kick in the crotch, and once you’re bent over with blood flowing in all directions, writhing in pain, it’s more than comforting to know that big daddy is really watching out for you:

Outrage! U.S. Government Finally Compensates First Petitioners for Covid-19 Vaccine Injuries: 3 People Awarded and Average of $1,500 for Damaged Hearts – via

who loves ya baby

After 674,375,206 doses of COVID-19 “vaccines” injected into 270,045,602 Americans (source) over the past 2+ years, and over 11,000 petitions from COVID-19 “vaccine” injured people filed with the U.S. Government’s CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program, the U.S. Government just announced the first settlements for COVID-19 “vaccine” injuries: 3 people, 2 of whom now have damaged hearts (myocarditis), were awarded a total of $4,634.89, an average of about $1,500.00 per person.

Yes, you read that correctly. An average of one thousand five hundred dollars per person, as another 11,000+ people wait for their settlements.

Wayne Rohde, author of the book The Vaccine Court, announced these compensation results on his Substack page today, and he is outraged.

Wayne is one of the country’s top experts on the U.S. Government’s vaccine compensation programs, and you can read an article he published on Health Impact News back in March of 2020, when President Donald Trump became the first U.S. President to invoke “The PREP Act,” which includes the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program (CICP)which was designed to compensate people who die or are injured from experimental products used during times of national emergencies.

Wayne also explains how the CounterMeasures Injury Compensation Program is vastly different from the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) which has been around since the 1980s and covers FDA-approved vaccine deaths and injuries.


Alas, as it appears the gods have no such plans for a karma delivery service anytime soon for these shitheads who bring us one soggy wizz sandwich after another, get ready for more shitfuckery.  Here’s just a taste:

All UK Airports must close within the next 10 years, beef and lamb will be banned, and construction of new buildings will cease in the name of “Climate Change” according to Government Report – via

A report produced by Oxford University and Imperial College London for the UK Government reveals that all airports will be ordered to close, eating beef and lamb will be made illegal, and construction of new buildings will not be permitted in order to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050.

The report states that all airports must close between 2020 and 2029 excluding Heathrow, Glasgow and Belfast airports, which can only stay open on the condition that transfers to and from the airport are done via rail.

All remaining airports must then close between 2030 and 2049 as to meet the legal commitment of zero emissions by 2050 every citizen of the United Kingdom must “stop using aeroplanes” for a significant period of time.

In addition, the report states that to obey the law of the Climate Change Act the public will be required to stop doing anything that causes emissions regardless of its energy source. According to the report this will require the public to never eat beef or lamb ever again.

To do this national consumption of beef and lamb will drop by 50% between 2020 and 2029. Then between 2030 and 2049 beef and lamb will be “phased out”.

The report also confirms that construction of new building must cease by 2050 –

The underlying point is that any asset which uses carbon will have essentially zero value in 2050. This in turn may encourage greater use in the run up to 2050 – for example, putting up new buildings at a much faster rate for the next 30 years, knowing that construction must then halt.  (read more)

Great things to look forward to!






musical notes


When it was composed, this violin marvel – the Violin Concerto in D minor, performed here by the Netherlands Bach Society for All of Bach – immediately became such a technical challenge that few soloists were able to tackle it. Too few, probably, as not a shred of it has survived. The concerto played here is a modern reconstruction, based on a harpsichord concerto written much later by Bach, but which is presumed to originate from a violin concerto. – Netherlands Bach Society


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