You Raccoon Dog, You

In the land of the criminally insane and those devoid of a sense of humor, most particularly when it comes to bit of self-deprecation – it’s easy for these lost minds to believe in whatever muffin batter is thrown against a shit-stained wall by future condo dwellers on the shores of lake Gehenna, take a taste and muse, ‘hmmm, this is some tasty eats’.

Raccoon dogs may have been linked to the pandemic.  What are they? – via

OMG!  Since the bat theory thing found the shitter, leave it to NPR to come up with another adorable creature to frighten and hypnotize you with.  Par for the course with NPR…always their high-brow nuttiness on display.

The World Health Organization is asking Chinese officials to release data that may show a link between raccoon dogs and the coronavirus. That left many wondering — what is a raccoon dog, anyway?

Yes, but only for those dummies who listen to the World Health Organization.  And remember with these shysters, you always find the word ‘may’ somewhere in their jive ass shit.  ‘May show a link’…thanks geniuses…stellar guessing.

First, here’s why we’re talking about them. They were being sold at a seafood and meat market in Wuhan, China, where researchers found evidence of the coronavirus in January 2020. Data that was briefly posted on, and then removed from, an international database appeared to show that genetic material from raccoon dogs showed up in the same swabs as the virus that causes COVID, implying the animals could’ve been an initial host.

There it is!  Rock, solid science that ‘implies’.  If you must, the rest of their tripe can be read here but here’s the REALLY important information from the article which they conclude with:

Still, they’re so cute!  Can I keep one?


Raccoon dogs are wild animals, not domesticated pets. They live in large home ranges, meaning they need lots of space and are difficult to manage in enclosures or other small spaces, according to the U.K.’s Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

They also have a strong odor because they use scent to communicate, making them a poor indoor house guest.

And, if a raccoon dog escapes or is released into the wild, it can threaten native wildlife in the parts of the world it isn’t native to.

Yes, what every person wants to know…can I keep one, though I’ve probably never heard of a raccoon dog.  Jesus, Mary and holy St. Joseph!  This is butt-ugly dumb.

That does it!


Tonight’s musical offering:


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