Exercises in Perplexity

Perplexed minds have tons of questions, and of course, there are no answers, because, that’s how the gods roll.

Take the following math problem.  There is no answer. Perplexing!


The next perplexing issue isn’t necessarily a question, but it is perplexing in and of itself:


Next we cover what those saviors of the planet, the EV’s – just what does it take to make them run?

Such being the case, why then are people buying them?  Ignorance, stupidity, arrogance…shit for brains?   You decide.

And what is the best answer to give, yet rarely used, when someone asks your nationality?


But not everything is perplexing. And it’s usually the dogs who show us the way.  This dog was rescued from a shelter, and shows their love and gratitude as only a dog can…perfectly!



Tonight’s musical offering:


  1. Yeah those voices in the head can be pesky bastards. The battery thing of course shows just how stoopid those green ass’oles are which is exactly why they don’t realize it (actually they do but would never admit it…

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