‘Moon Bears’

Tonight at the dinner table:

Me:  ‘So, today I was reading about the eighth Circle of Hell…’

Her:  (Pause…then ear-piercing laughter) ‘Only you could come up with that one.’  (she couldn’t keep from laughing at me for the next couple of minutes.  I finished dinner alone.)

The Eighth Circle of Hell

Fraud: This circle is distinguished from its predecessors by being made up of those who consciously and willingly commit fraud. Within the eighth circle is another called the Malebolge (“Evil Pockets”), which houses 10 separate bolgias (“ditches”). In these exist types of those who commit fraud: panderers/seducers; flatterers; simoniacs (those who sell ecclesiastical preferment); sorcerers/astrologers/false prophets; barrators (corrupt politicians); hypocrites; thieves; false counselors/advisers; schismatics (those who separate religions to form new ones); and alchemists/counterfeiters, perjurers, impersonators, etc. Each bolgia is guarded by different demons, and the inhabitants suffer different punishments, such as the simoniacs, who stand head-first in stone bowls and endure flames upon their feet. – via thoughtco.com

Tonight’s comedy:

And we’ll let Whitney Webb take us out:

The ‘Moon Bears’ skit Ms. Webb refers to follows:


Tonight’s musical offering:


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