Brains at Room Temperature

Thank the gods there is the lamestream media. How else would we get regular laughs?  One can only look at pal Joey, Cacklin’ Kamala, the latest entertainment or music offering, or most any other political dipshit for so long without experiencing projectile vomiting.

Let’s check in for their latest offering of hilarity:

Valley fever could spread from Southwest, driven by climate change, researchers warn: ‘New cases emerging‘ – via

For most people who are suffering from fever, cough and fatigue, the likely culprits are cold, flu or COVID-19.

But for those living in the southwestern U.S., the symptoms could point to Valley fever — and some scientists predict that this illness eventually could spread to other regions.

Named after the San Joaquin Valley in California, Valley fever is an infection caused by breathing in the spores of a fungus called Coccidioides, which originates in the soil. 

Wow!  This must be a recent phenomena, right?  Naw, it was first discovered in an Argentinian soldier back in 1892.  Was the climate changing back in 1892?  Probably.  But only the wise sages of the climate change cult could tell us for sure.

So, what’s the message here, other than the daily hit o’ fear from Fox News?

In 2019, a study by Morgan Gorris — which was published in GeoHealth, a journal focused on environmental and health sciences research  suggested that climate change could trigger an expansion of Valley fever into northwestern states, including Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota and North Dakota.

Oh dear!

Suggest, could be, might happen…the get-out-of-bullshit card always employed by these pinheads.

Let’s get to the real juice here:

While there is not yet a vaccine for Valley fever, Dr. Thompson is optimistic about progress toward that goal. He pointed to three vaccines currently in development, including one that has been successfully tested with dogs.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), part of the National Institutes of Health, recently announced $4.5 million in funding to support research toward diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines for the disease.

What a deal!  Yet another poke of chemical sludge for…a fever.  Probably will work just as well as their most recent offerings of “health via a needle”:

Living among lizards is such a bummer.


Tonight’s musical offering:

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