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House crickets allowed as food in EU – via

A European Commission ruling permits the insects in defatted and powdered form to now be added to pizza and pasta-based products

Partially defatted and powdered house crickets will officially be able to find their way to EU citizens’ tables starting on January 24. This comes thanks to a European Commission ruling passed earlier this month.

As per the decision, which cited the scientific opinion of the European Food Safety Authority, the additive is safe to use in a whole range of products, including but not limited to cereal bars, biscuits, pizza, pasta-based products, and whey powder.

Get ready!  The moon crater load of incoming shit is about to drop….

EU regulations state that adult crickets have to first undergo a 24-hour fasting period so that they “discard their bowel content.” After that, the insects are frozen, washed, thermally processed, have their oil extracted and ground into powder.  (my emphasis added) – (full article)

Civilization waits for Father Time to get his frickin’ arse in gear, quit playing grab-ass with all the other celestial entities, and get down to business here on planet vaudeville.  There are some serious psychofucks, in great numbers, that need his immediate attention.

In the meantime, here’s a little something for the psychofucks:



Tonight’s musical offerings:

A tribute to one of the most dynamic and fun screen pairings, Myrna Loy and William Powell. Loy and Powell starred in thirteen films together, including the six wonderful Thin Man films where they portrayed one of the greatest film couples of all time, the hilarious Nick and Nora Charles. – classic elegance


Moonlight Serenade · Beegie Adair


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