‘Atrocities Aren’t Accidents’ – by Helen of desTroy

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Atrocities Aren’t Accidents 

Three years on, we have enough information on the architects of the pandemic to send them to prison or worse.  So why are they still getting away with murder? 

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The information barrier separating establishment media consumers from pandemic heretics who do their own research is unmistakably crumbling. Every day, more doctors and more scientific papers are admitting that the mRNA gene therapy injections they once championed so fervently not only don’t protect the user from catching Covid-19 but may actually destroy their immune system, stop their hearts, or cause sudden death. Statisticians have incontrovertible proof of excess deaths in previously-healthy young people far outstripping any rise in mortality during the supposed height of the pandemic – or any other time in recent history, for that matter. The utterly avoidable carnage is such that even if we didn’t have an extensive psychological profile of the culprits, there would be no doubt it was premeditated and deliberate. And since those scumbags couldn’t resist leaving behind the usual array of PowerPoint slideshows, tabletop pandemic simulations, woefully fictionalized clinical trial data, and other criminal detritus, prosecution should be a breeze. After three years, we know more than ever about this criminal enterprise and the people responsible – certainly enough to make sure they never breathe free air again.

Except Anthony Fauci, architect of the steepest decline in life expectancy in American history, was allowed to gracefully bow out after 40 years bilking the taxpayer out of the highest salary in Washington as director of the National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases, his entire bloodstained career a case study in how to get away with murder. Bill Gates, not two years after threatening that the next pandemic would “get our attention,” has just conducted another tabletop pandemic simulation, this time whipping up an enterovirus that kills 15 million children, only to whine that no one trusts his miracle shots anymore. The WHO has designated “anti-vaxxers” public enemy number one, even accusing them of murder, while the New Yorker calls for permanent mask mandates and a coterie of washed-up celebrities insist the unvaccinated belong in jail. This is not the behavior of a criminal gang caught red-handed. What happened to “knowledge is power”? Why has humanity gone limp when it should be dealing the killing blow to these psychopaths and those giving them their marching orders?

As moribund as human civilization seemed in 2020, the world at the start of 2023 is practically unrecognizable. No longer mocking the TV-gullible in their fear-forts built of toilet paper and canned beans, we can’t even afford to stockpile such luxury objects – but religiously defend our penury as a necessary sacrifice, enduring cold showers so that a Nazi fetishist can climb into bed with BlackRock. A “democracy” whose citizens knew the system was rigged has become an indoctrination center where questioning that rigging is seen as a terrorism threat. A language once merely fraught with cliches and self-marginalizing semantic boobytraps has become one whose most loaded terms change definitions from day to day, where raising questions about why the linguistic ground is constantly shifting beneath one’s feet is dismissed as irrational.

“how do I work this darn memory-hole again?”

But it has always been like this, we’re reassured by the faceless “fact-checkers” who have formed an impenetrable biofilm over social media, nudging us into a homogenous future while rewriting the recent past to remove any stray genocide. If words are truly violence as so many of them insist, their body count surely rivals that of Fauci and his white-coated army. The word “gaslight,” overused to the point of meaninglessness, is no longer sufficient to describe the firehose of lies (lie-hose?), often presented directly alongside conflicting information, that assaults us when we turn on our computers or unlock our phones. But then, the narrative managers’ aim is not necessarily persuasion in the traditional sense but to infect the target’s perception and processing centers so that they begin to doubt their own reality, gradually substituting elements of the establishment’s fantasy, sacrificing those cumbersome human instincts for the reassurance of being a Team Player on the winning team. No one can withstand the lie-hose forever – there’s a reason you and everyone you know look like you’ve aged 10 years since you first heard the word “coronavirus” – but if it hasn’t drained you of your sanity yet, you may want to see about deprogramming your loved ones from the Cult of Corona. We’re going to need everyone we can get.

Sorry, Not Sorry

Not long ago, ruling class rag the Atlantic published what was supposed to be a plea for ‘pandemic amnesty,’ an apparent white flag bylined by economist Emily Oster that argued that because the government’s devastating policies had been adopted with good intentions, and no one could have possibly guessed what the results would be, it was important for those on all sides of the issue to forgive and move on. It was the equivalent of a typewritten letter from Genghis Khan breezily explaining that you shouldn’t be mad that his Golden Horde razed your village to the ground, slaughtered your livestock and had their way with your daughters, he just thought buildings looked better on fire, and by the way could those girls maybe smile more? – but forgiving you for not having a four-course dinner ready to accompany his post-coital cigarette. It has been clear since the scale of the mRNA bioweapon’s harms became apparent that the architects of the Covid-19 experiment would have to either play dumb (“We didn’t know!”) or go full Nuremberg (“Just following orders!”) if they hoped to avoid a public execution, but this – suggesting those responsible for the most horrific crime against humanity in recorded history should be essentially forgiven for their crimes with the excuse that they didn’t know better while their victims are encouraged to beg for mercy from their tormentors (and presumably sign away the right to demand reparations) was a bold strategy indeed. Unsurprisingly, Oster was digitally torn limb from limb for her trouble, and some people even called the public display of rage a victory, believing the outpouring of powerful emotions had spooked the predators. But others desperately reached for what they were sure was an olive branch this time, falling for the same promise that led them first to submit to solitary confinement, then to wearing a bacteria-laden rag around their face, and ultimately to having themselves injected repeatedly with an experimental gene therapy: the promise that things could, if they just obeyed enough rules, go “back to normal.”

One had to be willfully delusional to read sincerity in Oster’s plea for a small-r reset, however, given that her recommendations included vaccine mandates for schoolchildren and more mRNA shots for everyone. She left “willful purveyors of misinformation” out of her to-forgive list, perhaps understanding that an ideological in-group can’t rely on the usual surface markers of difference to choose an outgroup when it comes time to make sacrifices. A person seeking amnesty for their misdeeds generally starts by admitting they’ve done something wrong. They typically stop committing the crime they’re hoping to be forgiven for, or at least try not to be balls-deep in another while begging to be spared the consequences of the last. A show of contrition, if not full repentance, is obligatory, and one certainly doesn’t blame the victim for bleeding on the killer’s Sunday best. Clearly, things work differently in the New Normal.

“i’m so, so sorry. no, that’s not a piece of your son in my teeth, why do you ask?”

The predators who shredded the Nuremberg Codes by enrolling humanity in this unlicensed clinical trial against our will have, if anything, doubled down on their criminality since relaxing the mandates and admitting the shots can’t stop the spread. Not content with eliminating religious and medical exemptions to vaccine mandates, California passed a law allowing the state to strip doctors of their medical licenses for sharing “misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic,” taking the censorship of legitimate information that has been de rigueur under the Big Tech-Big Brother collusion propping up the pandemic narrative to the next level and injecting the corporate-state even further into the once-inviolable doctor-patient relationship. Many universities, including Yale, still require students to be not only vaxxed but boosted, despite the growing body of evidence proving the risks far outweigh any benefits the shots might provide to young people. Governments, health authorities, even sites like WebMD full-throatedly champion a complete course of mRNA injections for everyone down to the last 6-month-old child. The narrative managers who refused to acknowledge the shots were anything other than safe and effective even as hundreds of thousands of bodies piled up outside their doors only just last month admitted the link between mRNA vaccines and myocarditis was even being (belatedly) studied – and even then insisted any cases were likely due to Covid-19, that the rare vaccine-linked case was mild, and that myocarditis – inflammation of the heart muscle – did not lead to cardiac-related death. Far from closing the book on this disastrous interlude, the Rockefeller Foundation announced less than six months ago that it was expanding its questionably-titled Mercury Project – another experiment undertaken without informed consent, this time with a focus on manipulating internet use behavior – to increase vaccine uptake by studying “how mis- and disinformation spreads” around the world, presumably in order to spread some of its own. Not to be outdone, Stanford University is offering an online course on how to con people into getting vaccinated. The Biden administration recently ordered tens of millions more doses of bivalent Moderna boosters, the mRNA component manufactured special-order by CIA-funded firm Resilience, even though few Americans are eager to play side-effect roulette with a concoction tested on eight mice. But these sociopaths never tire. And not only are they not finished with their game, they’re barely getting started.

Trust us, we’re scientists

The Gates Foundation – along with the Johns Hopkins Global Center for Health Security and its other usual partners – wasted no time smothering the fantasy of a Covid armistice in its cradle, simulating another deadly pandemic almost exactly three years after Event 201 – and two years after a smirking Bill, chiding world governments for failing to lavish sufficient resources on Covid-19, promised “pandemic two” would “get attention next time”. There is nothing subtle about “Catastrophic Contagion,” which stars an improbably named pathogen called Severe Epidemic Enterovirus Respiratory Syndrome (SEERS), a virus which targets the young (15 million of its 20 million casualties are children) and leaves those it doesn’t kill with paralysis and brain damage. While SEERS hails from a fictionalized country sitting on Venezuela’s land (Johns Hopkins goons are not subtle in their foreign policy ambitions), its participants are mostly African leaders who read their stilted lines (“no one is safe until we all are safe!”) to the approving nods of noticeably-paler health bureaucrats (Gates, red-faced WHO pearl-clutcher Mike Ryan, and Johns Hopkins’ own Tom Inglesby) running the exercise. Those who believe these simulations merely put health officials through their paces to ensure optimal performance when faced with the real thing may be surprised how little discussion of saving lives actually takes place, or how much the “mistakes” made during the exercises are meticulously replicated when they go live. The redistribution of wealth (from the hoi polloi to the parasite class) and the need for behavioral controls dominate the highlight reels, and October’s was an especially naked advertisement for the WHO’s latest power grab, which combines a sweeping new global “pandemic treaty” complete with legally-binding controls on speech and movement that supersede national laws with a proposed update to the International Health Regulations, which govern public health rule-making.

Video excerpts from Catastrophic Contagion reveal it doubled down on the need to “trust” narrative managers, corporations, and government institutions, the importance of holding ever more pandemic simulations (a pet project of Gates, whose eponymous foundation and Gavi Vaccine Alliance are shoo-ins for the lucrative contracts to host and run these “germ games”), and the need to silence dissident voices – all key planks of the global pandemic treaty, an ambitious power-grabbing agreement that will not only supersede individual countries’ laws but set up and fund (through the generous contributions of member nations) a transnational Ministry of Truth to determine what information can be shared during a Public Health Emergency of International Concern (a term that lost its last shred of meaning earlier this year when WHO Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus ignored the advice of his expert panel to declare monkeypox a PHEIC, despite its spread being almost exclusively limited to ultra-promiscuous gay men). Because PHEICs don’t expire – of the six declared since the classification was adopted in 2005, three are still in effect – that ministry would retain control of information indefinitely.

The ruling class have wasted no time in implementing the Johns Hopkins simulation’s conclusions, which play on longstanding anxieties regarding the seemingly inexorable decline of trust in authority in the age of the internet. Leading the crusade to revive trust in corporations – specifically social media, which suffered a fatal blow to its credibility when it emerged in September that all the major platforms were holding weekly meetings with at least 12 US government agencies and taking detailed orders from them on who and what to censor – is Elon Musk, hailed as a real-life Iron Man by people who should know better because he allowed a handful of journalists (and Bari Weiss) to post screenshots of what may or may not be internal Twitter communications that appear to confirm what was public knowledge three months ago. The effort to bring back trust in government – in the US at least – is in the sweaty hands of the Republican Party, who have promised to grill Fauci to within an inch of his life – now that he’s retired and can plead the Fifth until he dies in his sleep of old age. Taking on the rehabilitation of journalism is Tucker Carlson, who on the day Biden was supposed to (and predictably declined to) declassify the remaining government documents regarding the JFK assassination shared with his audience the blindingly obvious fact that the CIA was “involved” in Kennedy’s murder. And redeeming science is Andrew Huff, the Eco-Health Alliance whistleblower who blames the pandemic on sloppy containment procedures at the Wuhan Institute of Virology – even though he admits he quit working at the controversial facility in 2016, years before the fatal “lab leak” supposedly took place – muddying the waters of guilt and blame in a way that would make Emily Oster proud. Limited hangouts all, but the respite they provide from the usual lie-hose waterboarding sessions means they will be embraced, even trusted.

Fool me once…

Any suggestion that bad pandemic policies were honest mistakes born of good intentions is frankly offensive given the amount of evidence to the contrary. Because we did know what would happen when the experimental conditions were imposed – that was the point of all those tabletop simulations. Face masks were known to be worse than useless for preventing respiratory illness, and only an absolute psycho would put one on a toddler who needs to see the mouths of his fellow humans to learn how to do things like smile or speak. There was no scientific evidence to support “social distancing,” and if you’d suggested locking Great-Aunt Imelda up alone in a plexiglas box with nothing but a TV and a grab-bag of midazolam and morphine to keep her company through her last days, you’d have been rightfully slapped. The harms of lockdowns were well-understood – yet like the rest of the medical knowledge held by human civilization in 2019, it supposedly deserted us in our hour of need. Scientists have known for years that loneliness poses a bigger risk to health than even obesity or smoking, that the elderly are in the greatest danger of becoming critically lonely, that vitamin D – absorbed from sunlight – is key to recovery from respiratory illness. But pointing any of that out got you exiled from polite society as a homicidal anti-science granny-killing lunatic washing your horse paste down with Trump-brand bleach. It clearly wasn’t a mistake that every “public health tip” the CDC issued was harmful and out of step with medical best practices. Had that been the case, there would have been at least a few “mistakes” on the side of wellness. Yet no one wanted to open the Pandora’s box of “the government is working against my interests” – certainly not when Chris Cuomo had just told them it was time to “sacrifice the me to the we,” the Year of the Team Player. Instead, putting aside everything they thought they knew about how to take care of their physical and mental health, they embraced the CDC’s strict limits on movement and association as a source of security – proof that Big Brother loved them and wanted them to be happy, even while he was quietly killing their grandparents to free up pension obligations.

Three years later, the standard response to the mounting evidence of permanent damage by mRNA shots is often anger – how could they?! – but rarely surprise. Given that Big Pharma’s track record is littered with corpses, no successful coronavirus vaccine has ever actually been manufactured despite decades of trying, and every other “public health intervention” of the pandemic has been based in part or in whole on lies, many of which had serious consequences for the rule-obeyers, it would have been truly shocking if these products were safe. As for “effective,” we knew by the end of 2020 that neither the Pfizer nor Moderna jab could stop transmission of the virus, but also that they hadn’t tried to. The CDC tried to claim otherwise, vaccine mandates were hastily adopted based on the “misunderstanding,” and millions of people lined up to get injected under that false premise, silencing any misgivings that might have interfered with following the advice of the Experts and crossing their fingers in the hope that this time they would get that return to Normal they’d been hearing so much about. But this required a level of willful suspension of disbelief that would have gotten one locked up as a delusional psychotic in the pre-Covid era, given Pandemic Pope Fauci’s history. The miniature Mengele pulled off a series of selfenriching scams over the course of the AIDS era, poisoning hundreds of thousands of innocent people – including tens of thousands of children – with drugs he knew were toxic, and given that he was never punished, he has merely repeated his old tricks, again and again. Accountability is a foreign concept in Washington, and in the misery-loves-company tradition of late-stage empire, we have exported this moral failure around the globe.

Given Pfizer’s literally record-breaking history of fraud and rampant criminality, one might ask why they were entrusted with being the public face of such a major project – hundreds of billions if not trillions of dollars were riding on Warp Speed, after all, even though Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla isn’t a human-doctor at all but a veterinarian, having focused his education on “the biotechnology of reproduction” if Wikipedia is to be believed. Bourla was in charge of Pfizer’s animal vaccine division in 2010 when a diarrhea shot for pregnant cows, PregSure BVD, was discovered to be killing off as many as 15% of the calves who nursed from the jab recipients. They didn’t just die, they bled out of every hole in their bodies, including their pores. By denying everything and continuing to sell the shot outside Germany – where the problem had initially arisen – Bourla apparently distinguished himself as the man you want when you need to kill a lot of kids and get away with it. He also proved himself back in his veterinary days as a pioneer in expanding the definition of “vaccine” to include chemical castration, devising a shot for boars called ImproVac that he claimed was 99% as good as physically hacking their balls off (it’s unclear how he arrived at that figure, but then, it’s unclear what hole Pfizer pulled its effectiveness numbers out of either). Still think the Covid-19 shots’ disastrous effects on human fertility are a coincidence? Don’t tell Bourla – he understands why people fear his company’s products, but wants speaking up about the harm they cause to be criminalized. The US military was sending a very powerful message when it selected Pfizer and Bourla to be the standard-bearers of its mRNA bioweapon campaign. It is unfortunate for humanity that so few were listening.

Throw away the key

These people do not expect to be punished, but if humanity is to continue as something other than a slave species, they must be, and immediately. It’s hard to think of any crimes that haven’t been committed in the course of the planning, setup, and perpetration of this power-grab – fraud, corruption, murder, genocide, and the coercive pharmaceutical rape that will become depressingly common when so-called “health passports” or any other permutation of the World Economic Forum’s Known Traveler Digital Identity social credit score are adopted worldwide. Where once the unvaxxed could merely be threatened with job loss or expulsion from school, or denied entry into a business or country, once all systems are linked, refusing the shot will effectively get a person occluded from society entirely – unable to withdraw or spend money, unable to enter any buildings or board transportation, unable to unlock even their phone or computer to communicate with loved ones. Most people wouldn’t last a day as a locked-out ghost in the prison state the pandemic pimps are building.

But the spirit to resist is fading fast, with bodily integrity turning into an anachronism at the hands of a generation who have never experienced privacy. Kids born in the 2010s are likely to believe it’s perfectly normal to be summoned to a school clinic for injections without their parents’ knowledge, uninterested in what’s in the needle and neither asked nor asking to sign a consent form. They don’t know they have a choice. Gates may have declared the Covid-19 shots a failure, but his foundation has already poured billions of dollars into DARPA’s choicest nightmare material, “flying needles” competing with drugged food and even human vaccine vectors to penetrate anyone they can get their hands on.

The body is merely a sideshow for these psychopaths, however – the real target is the multi-layered rape of the mind, a specialty of military technology which sits at the core of the mRNA bioweapon. Unlike standard vaccines, the mRNA formulas deployed under cover of Covid-19 can cross the blood-brain barrier with their hypertoxic spike protein, triggering a cascade of inflammation, autoimmune dysfunction, and other reactions that can bring about permanent personality changes (on top of the damage caused by the virus itself). It’s anyone’s guess how well these changes can be controlled – if one can select for docility over brute stupidity, say, or an eagerness to please on top of the inability to defy – but one can imagine that like the lobotomies of old, they will become a popular way of dealing with inconvenient dissidents as pressure to decrease the overt appearance of prisons (so unsightly!) grows internationally. Of course if you shrink the prison to fit within the skull, the division between ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ becomes literally a state of mind, one that can be artificially imposed from without – a possibility Fourth Industrial Revolution fetishists like Klaus Schwab no doubt already see for contraptions like Neuralink (the kindler, gentler brain-rape!) and a “battery-free” deep-brain stimulator that uses the patient as its battery.<

The possibilities for remote implantation of thought and emotion are alarming – simply envision the targeted censorship the Biden administration conducted against opinions and social media users that displeased it over the last three years, deploying representatives from no fewer than 12 agencies to meetings with all the major tech platforms to silence individual citizens because its own narratives were so poorly constructed they regularly fell down under their own weight. Informed consent will be a thing of the past – when adoption of such devices is widespread enough, the narrative managers will literally be able to conduct mass sentiment like an orchestra.

On the metaphorical front, the WHO wants to make sure its good little citizens wash their brains as often as their hands, holding meetings about a global “infodemic” before it had even declared Covid-19 a pandemic and talking up the importance of “information hygiene.” Just as environmental watchdogs condemn chemical companies for dumping toxic waste into the planet’s water supply, the Ministry of Truth whose charter is being woven into the WHO’s global pandemic treaty will argue that spreading “conspiracy theories” and other unauthorized opinions is poisoning the collective consciousness with dangerous doubt and hate. As Catastrophic Contagion glibly explainsall of this death could have been avoided if we just placed our trust in the Corporate State. Those millions of dead kids the Global Health Security Center warns are waiting at the end of the next pandemic rainbow? That’s what happens when you do your own research. UNESCO’s “think before sharing” campaign – aimed at recruiting an internal thought-police officer within every good citizen to squelch the innate human desire to post interesting or troubling rumors, question authority, or otherwise fan the flames of “infodemics,” lest their content inspire some kind of extremist to action motivated by hate and physically hurt someone – is the first step toward declaring every individual’s thoughts part of the global commons. It’s the “I wear my mask to keep you safe” of thoughtcrime.

But even that isn’t sufficiently intrusive for these parasites. Their ultimate goal is to hijack and ultimately replace the natural instincts that arise to meet a hostile occupying force, substituting trust, obedience and docility, the precursors to a slave species blissfully ignorant of our slavery – who will “own nothing and be happy,” in WEFspeak. How? They seem to have settled on the lie-hose – gaslighting on steroids – in the hope of making it so exhausting to continue thinking critically that the target just gives up, overwhelmed, their bullshit-detector overheating in the wake of 3 years of “two weeks to flatten the curve.” Eagerly studying its captive audience back in 2020 as it urged them to stay glued to the couch while warning them obesity was the primary indicator of death with Covid-19, the CDC found it didn’t take many waterboarding sessions with the lie-hose to induce a roaring epidemic of Stockholm syndrome. After just two months of mask mandates, shelter-in-place, and six-feet-apart rules, only 25% of New Yorkers said they’d feel safe if the restrictions were scrapped. How much harm do you think decades of “safe and effective” has done?

It’s tempting to believe that the narrative managers’ insistence on doubling down on obvious falsehoods despite undeniable proof to the contrary will simply relegate them to a Pravda-level epistemological irritant – everyone knows the narrative is false, even the individuals selected to propagate it, and while one must pay lip service to the narrative in public if one wants to maintain their socioeconomic status, one can always discuss reality in private with trusted people, informed by underground publications not subject to censorship. However, technology has enabled the kind of information control the worst excesses of the Eastern Bloc could only have dreamed of. I’ve already written at great length about the informational iron curtain being constructed to quarantine wrongthink on the internet and eventually prevent its uploading (and contemplation) altogether, and this project has advanced dramatically under cover of Covid-19, with even non-Google search engines like DuckDuckGo vigorously scrubbed of competing narratives to the extent the user hoping to quickly confirm a fact or a name instead ends up in a hall of mirrors with one narrative showing on every screen, its production values as impeccable as its lies are threadbare. But it’s the only narrative in town, save the user’s own imagination – and since the US school system ensures no trace of viable imagination survives the third grade, they’re basically defenseless. Forced to internalize what they know is a bogus narrative, even temporarily, they’ve nonetheless become complicit in their own reprogramming, and the lie-hose residue has a corrosive effect on their memories and even sensory input when these contradict the lies they’ve grudgingly swallowed just to survive. “If vaccines weren’t really safe and effective, wouldn’t all the doctors be screaming from the rooftops?”

Thus what appears to be ham-handed slopaganda can actually insinuate the narrative managers into the target’s decision-making centers – the rather self-explanatory process known as the OODA loop (observe, orient, decide, act) – where a little bit of pressure exerted at the right moment can have an outsize effect. Mentally knocking the individual off-balance with a jolt from the lie-hose while they’re trying to observe and orient themselves ensures whatever they do next will be misinformed at best, heinously miscalculated at worst. If they blame themselves rather than the predatory outside influences leading them astray, the self-perpetuating feedback loop becomes difficult to break. Doubt leads to “distrust your gut” leads to distrust your gut, only to learn when they become suddenly sick and read way too many articles about spike proteins that they’ve basically poisoned themselves and now can likely never board a plane because of blood clots, the normal self-preservation urge – to have the problem taken care of medically, to warn others, even to demand those responsible “fix it” – is muted by guilt and embarrassment over their willing participation in this act of self-destruction.

Me or your lying eyes?

A recent Rasmussen poll revealed that 56% of Americans believe the vaccine is at least somewhat effective in preventing infection – a claim that even the CDC doesn’t try to make anymore. This rosy outlook comes even though 41% have experienced at least minor side effects; 6% of those who think it’s very effective have had a major side effect! Even when confronted with incontrovertible evidence the shots are harmful – evidence they accept as legitimate! – no one wants to admit they’ve subjected themselves or their children to a totally preventable risk, especially one that could kill them. There’s a sense that speaking up about vaccine harms will somehow manifest more of them – or worse, cause others to become vaccine hesitant, a fate generally agreed upon to be worse than death even though it has become increasingly hard to ignore the causative relationship between death and the vaccines themselves. Health authorities’ rapid pivot (as mandates dropped across the US and Europe) from ordering the population to roll up their sleeves or else to insisting the shots were always voluntary deprives the injured of a clear target for their rage and plants a nagging sense of responsibility for their own suffering. In the same way they were incentivized to get the shot in the first place through an absurd selection of bribes from Krispy Kreme donuts to lap dances, the vaccine-injured can be cajoled back into the fold through universal basic income payments or other benefits specifically for the jabbed. The more they can be made to identify with the experimental compound colonizing their bodies, the more easily they can be turned back against the unvaccinated, those selfish throwbacks who are Not Team Players.

And the retconning of the pandemic is running at full speed as the narrative managers insinuate themselves into humanity’s collective OODA loop. Americans running at top speed away from the bivalent boosters are concerned about physical discomfort, not the possibility of dying suddenly! Rebelling against authority means wearing masks forever! And that 40% surge in non-Covid excess mortality among 18- to 49-year-olds that has actuaries all spooked? That’s just stealth-Covid! Anti-vaxxers are to blame for traffic accidentsantisemitism, and even sudden death itself!

Two dead in fiery multi-car highway crash


Narrative managers’ refusal to give even an inch on the Big Lie that this class of ‘vaccines’ are 100% “safe and effective” as cries to the contrary hit critical mass suggests another epistemological rug-pull is just around the corner. So when I saw an actual news story last month describing the pandemic as “the biggest US intelligence failure since 9/11” I most certainly did not believe my lying eyes. With so much evidence pointing to years if not decades of premeditation in the unleashing of Covid-19 and a profound intent to cause harm, the reemergence and sudden popularity of the “lab leak” theory of Covid-19’s origins plays much too perfectly into the hands of the interests behind the pandemic. Indeed, it was first floated by a representative of one of them all the way back in 2020.

Forget for a moment that the architects of this grand scam have already explained their evil plot to us in Bond-villain-esque detail, repeatedly, accompanied by longshort, and medium-length write-ups, complete with helpful video. The lab leak hypothesis may make more sense than the zoonotic-origin hypothesis (it would be hard not to) but it conveniently absolves the World Economic Forum, the Gates Foundation, the WHO, DARPA, BARDA, and the rest of the medical-totalitarian infrastructure – including the financial cartels that paid for the whole atrocity and have been reaping massive dividends – from responsibility for the millions of deaths ensuing from virus and injectable bioweapons alike by recasting what all evidence supports as a controlled release as mere accidental exposure. Like the deadly “mistakes” that governments supposedly made in responding to the outbreak, or the self-contradicting policies that “just don’t make sense” yet always err on the side of harm, tacitly admitting to a containment screwup is their best option legally speaking for getting out of jail with their necks intact. But it simply doesn’t hold water with all the information currently in the public domain. I couldn’t completely rule out the possibility of an accidental leak when I wrote my first article on Covid-19 nearly three years ago, but even then the theory required extreme suspension of disbelief, given that its primary proponent was the same Israeli biowarfare specialist who spent the Bush II years telling anyone who would listen that Saddam Hussein had biological weapons, specifically anthrax, and was responsible for the letters full of ominous white powder that had materialized on the desks of a handful of legislative and media opponents to the Patriot Act following a pattern set out in the events of 2001 Johns Hopkins tabletop simulation Dark Winter. The parallels between 9/11 and Covid-19 have been obvious since day one, but they do not include any “intelligence failures.”

It is very likely the ‘final’ narrative decided upon to explain the pandemic will center on an accidental release of some kind (perhaps more than one, to prevent any one country having to shoulder an unfair burden that could later result in its leaders letting slip what really happened), but this must not be allowed to stand. If the predatory parasites behind Covid-19 are allowed to walk on the grounds that the original pathogen’s release was just another “mistake,” we can all kiss our asses goodbye.

Look who’s Public Enemy #1

Medical totalitarianism is far more dangerous than any mere political dictatorship, no matter how repressive or violent. Most citizens of the latter regimes understand, even in the midst of hardcore reality mismanagement, that their enemies are ultimately human – bestial, perhaps, or even evil, but human nonetheless. However, the transnational capital class who built the Covid-19 experiment reviles traditional nation-states, and the WHO’s global pandemic treaty is so determined to communicate disdain for such unprofitable ideas like human dignity that it had language referencing the concept removed from the text. The catalyzing experience of Covid-19, recast for future newsreels as all of humanity uniting against a deadly invisible enemy, lends itself to War on Terror-like reductionism: “you’re either with us, or you’re with the virus.” Since no sane person could ever be pro-sickness, the growing crowd of opponents to vaccine mandates, killer lockdowns, ‘infodemic’ thought police, and mask fetishism can be written off as criminal insanity and taken out of circulation, forming a natural test reservoir for future clinical trials (the 21st century human sacrifice). With no natural enemies once it has seized the machinery of market and state under the guise of selfless do-gooderism, the public health technocracy can only continue to exist by demonizing and then sacrificing groups of its own constituents, creating the impression of a benevolent regime deftly battling the forces of “subversion” so that the masses can live their lives in peace. “First, they came for the anti-vaxxers, and I did not speak up, because I didn’t want to end up like Andrew Wakefield” is not an excuse when life and death hang in the balance.

Peter Hotez, the buffoonish tropical disease specialist who became a media darling for his ideological crusade against “anti-vaxxers” – a much-maligned group even before the Covid-19 experiment – has partnered with the WHO to condemn “anti-vaccine activism,” which he rechristens “anti-science aggression,” as “a major killing force globally.”

Hotez made the absurd claim last month that “Anti-science now kills more people than things like gun violence, global terrorism, nuclear proliferation, and cyber attacks,” and while it’s tempting to laugh at his histrionics (or to simply point out that iatrogenesis – medical “error” – kills nearly 1 million Americans every year, topping cancer and heart disease), his demands for “political solutions” to the growing portion of the planet that disagrees with his medical totalitarianism are no laughing matter, given that he is backed by the WHO – which will be itching to cut its new global pandemic treaty teeth on a crowd-pleasing victim for its Ministry of Truth tribunals. He has repeatedly called for the Biden administration to sic the Department of Homeland Security and the Justice Department on those he deems insufficiently reverent of The Science, and thanks to a longstanding alliance with the ADL, he will likely get what he wants.

While it may be tempting to see the Covid-19 project as a failure – mandates rolled back, boosters sitting untouched on shelves or in landfills, doctors finally speaking up – this leaves out the big picture. When regarded as a coordinated operation to drive mad, enslave, and ultimately liquidate the human race, the Covid-19 experiment is shaping up to be a stunning success. This must be prevented at all costs.


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