Who Put Fauci in Charge? Who KEPT Him in Charge? – by David Knight

Who Put Fauci in Charge? Who KEPT Him in Charge? – by David Knight – davidknightshow.substack.com

Del Bigtree’s recent rant about Fauci and Trump has been sent to me by several listeners.  I’ve always respected Del’s work.  He’s been focused on vaccine adverse effects and the games played by BigPharma years before THE vaccine became the fulcrum of government tyranny.  He exposed fraud and the manipulation of data by NIH, CDC and others before the fraud exploded like an institutional dirty nuke, contaminating every institution in our society.

Del has been reluctant to comment on the political dimension, I believe, because  he wanted to warn people of the medical realities and didn’t want to close hearts and minds.  Today, Del took it where it needs to go — politics.

The sad reality is that you can’t talk about health care anymore without discussing politics.   Politics has become hyper-partisan, but so has medicine.  That’s because politics contaminates and destroys everything.  It is a cancer of corruption and America has reached Stage IV where the political cancer has metastasized to everything.  So even though there will be costs for Del to talk about the political dimension of this fraud (that’s 924 days old), it must be said or we don’t get the full picture.


No one is more responsible for the politicization of health care than Fauci.  One could call him the Forrest Gump of the Deep State.  You’ll see pictures of him with every President over the last 40 years — Reagan, Bush, Clinton, W, Obama, Trump, Biden — every CEO of BigPharma and everyone who’s anyone in public health.  He’s been at the epicenter of politics and medicine since he was appointed to head of NIAID under Reagan in 1985. Brad Pitt even played Fauci on Saturday Night Live and was given an Emmy for doing so by the entertainment agit-prop industry

Fauci wasted no time after getting into his position before prostituting himself to BigPharma. He sought, and got, license for BigPharma to harm children without financial liability with the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA), November 14, 1986.  It created the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) to eliminate financial liability of vaccine manufacturers harming children.

With that in mind, we could ask as a rhetorical question: Why is Fauci paid more than any other official, including the President?  Compensation of federal bureaucrats is supposed to be capped at the Vice President’s salary of $235,100.  In fact, the head of HHS, NIH, etc are capped at or below that.  So why is Fauci given an exemption to the rule and paid $417,000?  And he’s not required to disclose additional income from royalties, patents, etc. (We could ask, where is the constitutional authority for ANY of these federal “public health” institutions to even exist, but the effective nullification of 10th Amendment is another story.)

Fauci Gump has now successfully established that NO TESTING need be done on new vaccines as we see with the Biden rollout of “bivalent covid vaccine”.  Trump set the precedent with Operation Warp Speed.  OWS did exactly what Fauci proposed in October 2019 at the Milken Institute forum.  When asked how they can roll out new vaccines without going through 10 years of testing, Fauci said it had to be done with “disruption”, “from the inside”, and “iteratively”.

What we got with Trump’s OWS is a gift-wrapped box of chocolates. But you never know what you’re going to get from Fauci Gump:  myocarditis, pericarditis, thrombosis, etc, etc. 

“Medical Care” has now become like the “Russian Roulette” scene from “The Deer Hunter” except it’s government and employers who are holding a gun to your head and screaming at you to take a shot – NOW!

Evidently, Del has had enough and today, like the POW’s in Deer Hunter, he ripped the gun out of the captor’s hand and shot back — at Trump.  Del asked, who kept Fauci in charge through the pandemic lockdowns?  It had to be said and it has to be repeated.

For far too long people have skirted around the issue of who was in charge.  The buck stops with President Trump for the lockdowns, the supply chain disruptions, the genetic code injections, the trillions in “stimulus” inflation, and more.  Del pointed that out in his rant and it will cost him with those who have made an idol of Trump, adamant that he is our only hope.

Who Is More Deep State Than Fauci?

Several listeners sent me Del’s video since I’ve been saying the same thing, even at Infowars before I was fired for telling people Trump was NOT on our side and NOT an enemy of the Deep State.  Who could possibly be more Deep State than Fauci? 

Trump marched in lockstep with Fauci on lockdown and everything else.  He refused to fire him even when his voters chanted “Fire Fauci, Fire Fauci”.   Trump’s betrayals of his voter base, the middle class, the Constitution, and America, did not Make America Great.  Benedict Donald’s betrayals Made the Deep State Greater.   

Trump’s Executive Order of National Emergency remains and is the Deep State’s New Foundation for much of what Biden is building upon it, such as the Student Loan Forgiveness Program — a $Trillion entitlement program created solely by Executive Order.  And the GOP won’t talk about that because they don’t want to touch that foundation or take on Trump.

Trump didn’t fight the Deep State, he became subservient to it. Yes, they’re attacking Trump.  But who believes there’s honor amongst thieves?  Everyone is out for themselves in this Game of Thrones cutthroat competition.

It’s long past time to point out Emperor Trump has NO CLOTHES.  Even Alex Jones, who shamelessly shilled for him throughout this imagined emergency, is now desperate to jump ship and testing how best to decouple himself from Trump over the vaccine.  And he has good reason.  The Trump genetic code injections, not “Wuhan”, are the greatest bioengineered attack on humanity the world has ever seen.  Those who produced and pushed them will be remembered as war criminals. And those who shilled for them (trust the plan, it’s 4D chess) will be remembered as their propagandist enablers who sold their souls and integrity for audience and money.  Choose today whom you will serve.


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  1. Wow! Tubularsock is soooo saddened by the exposing of OUR dear health savior Tony as if he was a common criminal!

    Is nothing sacred?

    Tony’s wife is the head of the ETHICS committee Chief of the Department of Bioethics of the NIH

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