The Gerbil Who Laughed at You


It’s always good to be laughed at, that is, when one is intentionally trying for a laugh, a guffaw or a snort of some sort, but when it’s a gerbil or lawn jockey laughing at you, it gives one an entirely different feeling, kind of like having a foot implanted between your legs.

New book claims Fauci privately mocked people who followed his advice on masks, goggles – via

(LifeSiteNews) – Outgoing White House COVID-19 adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci privately mocked Americans for following his own public advice about face coverings, according to a new book by former Trump White House officials Brian and Teresa Morgenstern.

“[I]n January 2020, [Fauci] said the virus was nothing to worry about for the American people,” the book recounts. “Then in the months that followed, he said that people should not wear masks and that they were ineffective. By June or July, he had changed his tune and said everyone should be very concerned and that they should wear multiple masks and goggles.”

“I vividly recall my blood boiling during an infuriating meeting in the Roosevelt Room of the White House, when Fauci laughed about his own goggles comment, making it clear how cynical he was and that he could get people to believe anything,” wrotes Brian, who continues that Fauci “went on to laugh about how ‘ass-backwards’ it was that people entered a restaurant wearing a mask, then sat down and conversed with people without a mask. Of course, he wasn’t saying things to that effect publicly, just laughing privately at the American rubes he was fooling.”


                                                                                                                                                                               But this gerbil has been able to say anything without any repercussions of any kind. It hasn’t mattered the absolute hell that his download (43)‘recommendations’ have brought to millions – this shithead takes pleasure in the con on you.


Groom of the stool responsibilities in Gehenna won’t be nasty enough for this rat.


In February 2020, he said there was “absolutely no reason whatsoever to wear a mask” in the United States; by July, he was suggesting that Americans wear not only masks but goggles and face shields. In July 2022, Fauci said that if he “knew in 2020 what I know now,” he would have favored “much, much more stringent restrictions in the sense of very, very heavy encouragement of people to wear masks, physical distancing, what have you,” though he obliquely alluded to the latest evidence by qualifying his endorsement: “But you’ve got to get a well-fitted mask that is of a high quality. And the two we know are high quality are N95 and KN95.”

He’s got a lot to laugh about in one of the circles of hell.

1.4 Million Adverse Events After Covid Vaccines Reported to VAERS, Canadian Woman Dies 7 minutes After Bivalent Booster Shot – via

VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,418,220 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 31,074 deaths and 258,480 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and Sept. 16, 2022.

Meanwhile…there are those who maybe have thought of spending eternity with the gerbil once this shindig of living with the insane is over with… and have instead opted to tell this really weird oddity that’s rarely heard anymore….the truth. 

Pro-Vaccine Cardiologist Now Calls for Immediate End to Covid Vaccines – via

In a peer-reviewed article published in the Journal of Insulin Resistance, Dr. Aseem Malhotra called for the immediate end of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout and the “pandemic of misinformation on COVID-19 mRNA vaccines.”  (very much worth reading in full)

And related…

Published September 26, 2022 – (14 minutes)

Just remember though…


Tonight’s musical offering:

Lucy Yeghiazaryan ~ IT’S A SIN TO TELL A LIE


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