More Pain…Incoming

Well, uncle Joey’s declaration last night that the pandemic is over was short-lived.  Keener dumbshit minds stepped in to clarify.  The ‘health emergency’ will never end.

“President” Joe Biden’s handlers stepped in on Monday to clarify that his comment that “the pandemic is over” does “not mark a change in policy” and the administration has “no plans to lift the Public Health Emergency.” – via

Wow!  Wasn’t that day of ‘freedom’ from the scamdemic exhilarating?

And the clowns known as ‘handlers’ of the avatar known as Joe Biden weren’t the only ones to get their panties bunched up their arses.

Public health mavens and Big Pharma chiefs were furious last night after President Joe Biden let slip during a TV segment with ’60 Minutes,’ declaring that ‘The pandemic is over.”

The President’s off-handed comments appeared to be off-script, and have threatened to throw a multi billion dollar crisis-economy grift into disarray, as pharmaceutical executives, the CDC, and the gatekeepers at Anthony Fauci’s corrupt NIH – are now all worried about securing the next tranche of federal money for new and exotic medications, useless tests, experimental vaccines, and other lucrative COVID-related projects.

A desperate World Health Organization (WHO) was also not happy by Biden’s impromptu remarks. Only last Wednesday, the WHO warned that the pandemic was not over and that ‘important work remains to combat the virus’ around the world. “We are not there yet but the end is in sight,” said ‘Dr’ Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the controversial director general of the WHO. “We can see the finish line, but now is the worst time to stop running.” – via

That’s more like it.  The finish line is always there, just off in the distance, and if we just keep bending over for whatever insanity these morons want to implant up our ass, that finish line will remain…off in the distance.  After all, big pharma has some serious chemical puss they need to sell and with the pandemic declared over by the avatar – what’s the need of their poison?

More pain – incoming.

1323 Athlete Cardiac Arrests, Serious Issues; 900 Dead, After Covid Injection – via

Another Pharma success!

And their future successes are all but guaranteed.  After all, most of humanity has forgotten the one word that puts a stop to all kinds of shitfuckery from the deranged – that word being “NO”.

Or put another way:


WEF Encourages Eating Expired Food – via

Schwab is a rotten man. The World Economic Forum has convinced the UK to remove “best before” dates from food products in an effort to “conserve food waste.” In reality, these sick individuals do not care about human health and need a way to avert attention away from the coming food shortages brought on by their zero-emissions pipe dream.

The UK is set to remove “best before” and labels from around 500 products. When was the food shipped or packaged? It will be up to the consumer to use their best judgment. There are also plans to remove hundreds of “use by” dates on products. “Best buy” indicates the quality of the food, while “use by” indicates whether it is safe for consumption. The WEF insists that these dates are meaningless as it still may be safe to eat expired food. They even claim milk is the third most-wasted product in the UK, which is extremely dangerous to drink if expired.

Expiration dates first appeared in stores post-World War II as large consumer chain markets rose in popularity. Before then, you could talk to the sellers at mom-and-pop shops, and they tended to their products and clients. Perhaps you’d buy directly from the grower, depending on where you lived. You cannot ask an associate at Publix where, say, an apple came from and expect an accurate answer. Food arrives by truckloads now and often is imported from overseas.

So, the WEF would like us to eat bugs and expired foods. Rest assured that the elite will be eating the best, riding in their fossil-fueled powered and heated jets and yachts, and laughing as the rest of us suffer. Governments seem to be on board as they also do not want to admit failure via food shortages.


Hl Mencken Quotes President. QuotesGram


Tonight’s musical offerings:

Quincy Jones – Clark Terry – “Moanin’ ” – Quincy Jones Big Band in Belgium 1960, featuring the great Clark Terry on Flügelhorn


Quincy Jones- Soul Bossa Nova

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