New and Improved (not really) Groovy Chemical Goo


The gods always have schemes, scams and other shitfuckery planned, and their obedient peat bog mummies masquerading as government shysters in really bad suits are ready to carry out their latest insanity at every opportunity.

Pokes of experiment chemical goo, previously hyped and sold as ‘the thing’, that any thinking person now knows was nothing more than bat guano, has to be dressed up a bit to sell again. How to dress that shyte up?  Easy…throw a couple  hundred million dollars into an ad campaign and behold, new glitzy ads are popping up on every screen telling you that you just have to get that shot, that booster, that poison poke update to be hip this ‘flu’ season, enabling you to virtue signal the bejesus out of yourself.

Ah, but there’s always the fine print.  And in the case of these new ads one is seeing all over the place now, these shysters, for some reason, just don’t want you to see that fine print.


Geez…I wonder what’s not being mentioned?

Top Seven Most Unexpected Adverse Events From the Gene-Mutating Covid Jabs – via

Over the past two years, there have been thousands of stories, cases, studies and adverse events reported regarding horrific “side effects” and health detriment caused directly or indirectly by the COVID-19 “vaccines.” Most people have heard about, read about, experienced, or had a loved one experience physical damage from the Fauci Flu jabs, including the most popular kind, including blood clots, myocarditis, pericarditis, heart attacks, strokes, and SADS (sudden adult death syndrome). Yet, there is more, and much more damage going on than all of that, unfortunately.

Though the vaccine industry and pharma in general are protected from liability of their health-decimating “medicines,” and though mainstream media never publishes anything negative about vaccines, there are many adverse events happening that you probably don’t know about, and many of the victims are spreading the word, and even winning settlements and lawsuits.

Here are the top 7 most UNEXPECTED adverse events from the toxic spike protein injections, and the attributed/linked very serious health consequences

#1. Shingles develops (even in the eye)

#2. Sciatica shooting pains (often down the center of legs)

#3. Restless leg syndrome (RLS)

#4. Loss of motor skills and critical nerve damage

#5. Catch COVID multiple times after the shots

#6. Going blind, including developing optic neuritis (inflammation damages the optic nerve that sends visual info from the retina to the brain)

#7. Long, fibrous clots that lack post-mortem characteristics (not same as blood clots)

(full article here)

Wow!  Groovy shit, there.  But isn’t there more?  You bet there is.

Dr. Cole – Spike Protein is a Toxin (2 minutes)

Mercy!  Sure is tiring waiting for The Flood, 2.0 version


Tonight’s musical offerings:

(Posted this one earlier, but it’s so damn beautiful, have to post it again)

‘Emmanuel’ · Michel Colombier /  Branford Marsalis · Andrew Litton · English Chamber Orchestra

Colombier wrote the scores of several motion pictures and TV productions. He also wrote chamber music and ballets. With composer Pierre Henry he wrote music for Messe pour le temps présent, a piece created by choreographer Maurice Béjart in 1967. He released an album on A&M Records, “Wings”, in 1971, which included a collaboration with Lani Hall on lead vocal, his song “We Could Be Flying”, with lyrics by Paul Williams. Recorded in Paris, with Colombier on piano, it was also included on the album “Sun Down Lady”, Lani Halls’ first solo album after her years as lead singer for Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66, released in 1972 on A&M Records.

The piece of music for which Colombier was perhaps, most famous, was the piece Emmanuel, named after and written in memory of his young son, who died in his infancy. It was used by the French television channel Antenne 2, alongside an 80 second animation known as Les Hommes Volants (The Flying Men), by Jean Michel Folon, to signal the beginning and end of their broadcast day between the years of 1975 and 1983. –



And then there is perfection!

Mozart ~ Ave Verum Corpus ~ Leonard Bernstein

Photo by Roger Starnes Sr on Unsplash


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