No Matter How You Slice It



Ever since the James Webb Space Telescope began sending incredible photos of the universe back to earth, scientists, clergy, and ordinary citizens have been awestruck at the sharpness and the detail of images from the $10 billion telescope.

French physicist Étienne Klein used his time on the telescope to image our closest stellar neighbor, Proxima Centauri.

Photo de Proxima du Centaure, l’étoile la plus proche du Soleil, située à 4,2 année-lumière de nous.

Elle a été prise par le JWST.

Ce niveau de détails… Un nouveau monde se dévoile jour après jour.

— Etienne KLEIN (@EtienneKlein) July 31, 2022

The image garnered thousands of “likes” and retweets. “This level of detail,” Klein wrote. “A new world is revealed day after day.”


But what “world” was revealed? As it turns out, Klein had tweeted out a photo of a slice of sausage.


But a few days later, Klein revealed that the photo he tweeted was not the work of the world’s most powerful space telescope, as he had in fact tweeted a slice of chorizo sausage.

“According to contemporary cosmology, no object belonging to Spanish charcuterie exists anywhere but on Earth,” he said after apologising for tricking so many people.

“Like an idiot, I got screwed,” tweeted one French user. “Same,” replied another, “the source was so credible…”

No one should feel embarrassed about being tricked. Klein was trying to make a point about “fake news” and was more successful than he could have imagined.  (full article)

And speaking of ‘credible’ sources, check out some past and present nonsense from the farting media brigade: (via

Remember…it’s all about your health:

The U.S. Sun: Urgent warning to gardeners as soil ‘increases risk of killer heart disease’

Daily Mail: Expert warns that shoveling snow can be a deadly way to discover underlying cardiovascular conditions as straining the heart with physical activity could cause sudden death

Wales Online: Energy bill price rise may cause heart attacks and strokes, says TV GP

Wales Online: Sweating more than usual and at night could be a sign of heart attack

Health Line: Can Snoring Lead to Heart Failure?

CBS News: Watching less TV can reduce heart disease risk, research suggests

Daily Mail: Entirely new kind of ‘highly reactive’ chemical is found in Earth’s atmosphere – and it could be triggering respiratory and heart diseases and contributing to global warming, scientists claim

The U.S. Sun: Summer holidays warning as flight delays increase risk of silent killers

Toronto Sun: Daylight savings may increase chance of heart disease, strokes: Studies

New Scientist: Taller people may have a higher risk of nerve, skin and heart diseases

News Medical: Neighborhood ‘redlining’ may increase risk of cardiovascular diseases

New York Post: Falling asleep with the TV on could bring early death: study

New Scientist: Solar storms may cause up to 5500 heart-related deaths in a given year

Express: Blood clots: How do you sleep? One position may increase the risk of deep vein thrombosis

Times of India: Heart Attack: Study Says This Shower Habit Could Lead To A Heart Attack

Such an exhaustive list from these ‘health’ experts – what could have been left out?  Just one, but it’s kinda important:

76,789 Deaths, 6,089,773 Injuries Reported in U.S. and European Databases Following Covid-19

Stop!  You blaspheme against the pharmaceutical conglomerate of psychofucks.  The chief lunatic of health has a few words for YOU:

Dr. Fauci: If you aren’t up-to-date on Covid vaccines and boosters, you’re ‘going to get into trouble’ – via

If you aren’t up-to-date on your Covid vaccines or booster shots, Dr. Anthony Fauci has a stark warning for you: Get those doses now, or prepare for a harsh Covid fall and winter.

Harsh covid fall and winter, eh?  

6 Canadian Medical Doctors Died Within 2 Weeks After 4th Covid Booster Shots for Employees Started at One Hospital

Injection Babies With Covid-19 Vaccines: Brain Damage, Seizures, Rashes are Recorded Side Effects in VAERS

Recorded Cases of Heart Disease Among Under 40 Years Old Eplodes 20,000% After Covid-19 Vaccines Roll Out

Killer Covid Vaccines: 4,400% Increase in Deaths Compared to All FDA-Approved Vaccines for Previous 30 Years

“How much more blatant does it have to get before people stop pretending that this isn’t what it is? Do the authorities have to literally put us in camps? How many more people have to die or be seriously injured by “vacccinations” they did not need but were forced to submit to? I’m not talking to the New Normals now, nor to the people who have been fighting this all along. I’m talking to the people who see what is happening, and are horrified by what is happening, but, for whatever reasons, have refused to speak out… and, yes, I know there are very good reasons.  Some of you have families to support, and careers to protect, and seriously, I get it. But how far does it have to go?  At what point do you feel you have to speak out regardless of the personal and professional consequences?” – CJ Hopkins –


Tonight’s musical offerings:

‘How Deep Is Your Love’ (Bee Gees) Piano Cover with Sheet Music by Sangah Noona


‘Waltz for Debby’ (Bill Evans) Piano by Sangah Noona


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