The Trials of Politeness

The trials of politeness have never been felt more than in the present factory of pain we live in.

Should I tell a relative, friend, neighbor, husband, wife, partner, or other to feck off and how many times can I do it in a given day?

Tis the dilemma when one is constantly bombarded by willful ignorance, arrogant apathy and monumental idiocy day in and day out.

Surely, God, Mother Earth or the committee of dolphins who created this wonder turned into a cesspool by the moronic, that keeps peat bog mummies alive and in our faces had other ideas for us rather than spending our efforts attempting to summon angelic patience as some nutjob utters fresh, modern and woke turds, expecting our bobble-headed nods of agreement with whatever dish of steaming guano they serve up?

Evidently not, for the Second Coming isn’t to be seen…yet.

Instead, psychofucks crank out their daily bullshit machines via corporate media outlets, and homo sapiens, whom we once thought were brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, wives, or husbands spout out their fuckery of the day and are disappointed if we don’t nod in agreement, take in deep breaths from panic or leave the breakfast, lunch or dinner table clutching our entrails from the news they proudly echo.

Brace yourselves…incoming horseshit:

Monkeypox proves elusive foe as WHO sounds alarm on global spread – via

The COVID-19 outbreak forced governments around the world to revamp their pandemic response programs, invest in drugs and vaccines and establish viral surveillance systems. Now monkeypox is putting those upgrades to the test — and they’re falling short.

Getting out in front of the global flare-up of the monkeypox virus, which has spread to about 16,000 people in more than 70 countries in just a few months, is an achievable goal, according to infectious disease experts. Yet the lack of urgency and coordination in testing and treatment in many parts of the world has prompted the World Health Organization to sound the alarm.

On Saturday, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus declared the outbreak a public health emergency of international concern, or PHEIC. Tedros acted even though a majority of expert advisers suggested such a move wasn’t necessary.

Hmmm…16,000 of a world population of 7.9 Billion? An elusive foe? Let the clutching of pearls begin.


There we go.  A fine example of what modern day politeness should look like when dickheads like Terdros play God.

On Saturday 23rd July 2022, the Director General of the World Health Organization, Dr Terdros, overruled the World Health Organization to single-handedly declare the alleged monkeypox outbreak a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. (Source)

Allegedly, for the first time since its discovery among humans in Africa over 50 years ago, the monkeypox virus is circulating throughout several countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia and most of Europe all at the same time.

But it just so happens that every single country where monkeypox is allegedly circulating is also a country that has distributed the Pfizer Covid-19 injection to its population; excluding some countries in Africa where the disease has been endemic for the past 50 or so years. – via


Surely, this is some kind of voodoo conspiracy muck, yeah?

After all, the golden shower clot shot has done wonders ’round the world.

75,253 Dead, 6,033,218 Injured Recorded in Europe and USA Following Covid Vaccines with 4,358 Fetal Deaths in U.S. – via

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) database of adverse drug reactions is now reporting 46,618 deaths and 4,682,268 injuries following COVID-19 vaccines (details in link).

In the United States, the Vaccine Adverse Events Recording System (VAERS) is now reporting 29,635 deaths and 1,350,950 injuries following COVID-19 vaccines. (Source.)

There have now been more deaths and vaccine side effects reported during the past 20 months to VAERS following COVID-19 vaccines than there has been for the entire previous 30 years for all FDA-approved vaccines before the Emergency Use Authorization of the COVID-19 shots in December of 2020. (833,968 cases, 9,279 deaths – source.)

Well, these demons aren’t quite up to expecting the stellar death and illness numbers from their previous scamdemic yet.  After all, they still have testing to do on their monkeypox vaccine….and guess who the guinea pigs are?

WHO Admits Everyone Who Receives a MonkeyPox Vaccine is Part of a “Clinical Trial” to Collect Data on its Effectiveness – via

An official from the World Health Organization (WHO) admitted on Saturday that everyone who received the Monkeypox vaccine is considered to be part of a “clinical study” for the purpose of data collecting so that researchers can learn more about the “effectiveness of the vaccine.”

Tim Nguyen, the Unit Head of Global Infectious Hazards Preparedness at the World Health Organization Emergency Programme, said that the vaccine efficacy is yet unknown since it has never been used on this scale before.

“I would like to underline one thing that is very important to WHO. We do have uncertainty around the effectiveness of these vaccines because they haven’t been used in this context and in this scale before,” Tim Nguyen stressed.

Nguyen warned that anyone who received the Monkeypox vaccination is technically participating in a “clinical trial” to determine the vaccine’s efficacy.

But Shhhh!  Don’t mention any of this to your woke and compliant brethren, lest they grow a third arm and blame it on you for presenting what they loathe…facts.

“Even with the utterly lost, to whom life and death are equally jests, there are matters of which no jest can be made.” ― Edgar Allan Poe


Tonight’s musical offering:

George Gershwin ~ Piano Concerto in F major ~ Piano: Yuja Wang,  Conductor: Michael Tilson Thomas

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