Into the Nearest Dumpster

“She would have been a good woman,” The Misfit said, “if it had been somebody there to shoot her every minute of her life.” –  Flannery O’Connor – ‘A Good Man is Hard to Find’

‘Nobody Wants Them’:  Moderna to Discard 30 Million Covid Vaccine Doses – via


Weren’t we told not that long ago by the lying presstitutes that everyone was getting them? That there were only a few nitwits, say 20 to 30% who weren’t getting them? That you were pond scum who was willing to sacrifice the lives of grannies if you didn’t get yours?

Well, many may have taken the first two doses and either seeing the health chaos it’s created either personally, or for loved ones, wised up quickly and said ‘go fuck yourself’ about taking any more.

Less than half of ‘fully vaccinated’ Americans have opted to get a booster shot.
Moderna CEO Stéphane Bancel said the company is being forced to “throw away” 30 million COVID-19 vaccine doses due to low demand. Bancel made his comments while speaking at the World Economic Forum on Monday, adding his displeasure over the lack of people getting vaccinated and “waning immunity” among those who have had the shots but declined to get boosters.
“It’s sad to say, I’m in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage because nobody wants them. We have a big demand problem,” Bancel said.

What a shame!  The poor bastard is displeased, and HE is in the process of throwing 30 million doses in the garbage.  What a chore that must be.

All those unrealized profits for rat shit. Bummer!

Hold on!  Time for 2 minutes of deep meditation…

Yes, the Pharma companies produce great drugs, as long as someone is there every minute of every day to discard their shyte into the nearest dumpster.

Look at what has happened as a result of not throwing their garbage into the nearest dumpster;

The Evidence is in Plain Sight – Covid Injections Are Dangerous – via

Steve Kirsch has recently sent off eight different surveys to his readers to get a sense of what the reality is out there. What he found was consistent with everything he has been saying for more than a year now, namely, the Covid “vaccines” are too unsafe to use and especially deadly for children.

The above is a very good article, with 2 short videos that are well worth the viewing.  Highly recommended.

Now, back to that meditation.


Tonight’s musical offering:

‘Jazz Waltz’ 💃(D.Shostakovich) │Violin,Cello & Piano (Suite No.2)


  1. the vials will go to the dump along with the millions of chickens killed because the same monsters are killing them based on a pcr test? Destroying chickens by the tens of millions and horribly too. burning them alive. burying them alive in pits. no end to their evil. The vials will rest next to those countless bodies. Add in the cremated remains of people the hospital disposed of who had no families or their families were not allowed to have them back. They dump them in the landfill. The landfill full of cheap chinese goods that look like the movie idiocracy in their scope and size.

    These monsters in human clothing have murdered millions of people with those injections of chemical soup. Maimed millions more so they will never be the same. These people no longer have careers, homes or families. They sit in the corner and drool or shake the drool off with the muscle spasms that is their new way of life thanks to moderna, and the Gates from hell. And the company has to throw away a few vials of chemical soup that reached room temperature while their victims no longer register a temperature…poor babies!! no mercy for those whose lives they destroyed now is there?

    The same Economic forum that says older people need to kill themselves. oh yes. instead of saving granny they want granny to kill her self and get off their planet…Leave it to the children on the pedo islands. Get out of the way of Klaus Swab and his gay little buddy who talks about what to do with all the useless people.

    It is amazing that people have woken up to the damage done by those injections and won’t take a 3rd and 4th. or did they wake up? Did it ever occur to that human insect in a 3 piece suit that he probably killed them off. dead people don’t come back to be a customer for a 3rd or 4th shot.

    Those who didn’t willingly take their 3rd shot either 1. learned how damaging it was. 2. were maimed or killed by the 2nd shot. or 3. got so sick they said ‘oh H#LL NO! to the 3rd and 4th offerings to wipe them out.

    I suspect they killed off that many people. you can’t see it in a big city as much as you can rural towns. The disappearing people. The ambulances driving around the area like vultures waiting for a kill. They drive the streets and suddenly stop somewhere and out comes a body to take to the the hospital. no sirens. no fuss. just quick in and quick out with a body on a stretcher. they drive a normal speed after the ‘pick up ‘ of the corpse. no lights. just off they go and another mobile corpse removal service comes to take their place.

    The little local stores are emptying out of people as well as goods to stock. Clerks we knew for years disappeared. new ones come in every month. the parking lots are pretty empty easy to find a parking spot. streets are sunday empty. on sunday almost everyone is in church in the morning and the streets are quiet and empty. They are like that daily now.
    so yeah. i suspect the lack of ‘sale’ for the poor creatures at moderna, pfizer, j&j and all other billionaires is due to wiping out their client base. Dead people don’t buy injections. that at least will end their reign of terror on the population. the people who believe in them and worship them are sacrificing themselves daily. Eventually they will run out of people to inject. no left to stand in line. The end of their corporation and their profits as well.

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